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Oct 23, 2006 06:33 AM

gunga (pigeon) pea soup or jamaican rundown?

Where can I get it? I had a co-worker make me some a long time ago and it was great. It was a hearty stew with salted pigs tail, dumplings, plantains, peas. I've also never tried rundown and would like to.

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  1. A lot of west indian places make a different soup every day. I think you might just have to try your luck at your local west indian joint. I am partial to the soup at Nicey's (Vic Park north of Finch), but you would be hard pressed to find a restaurant that puts pig's tail in soup (turns too many people off). Have you tried to make your own?
    here's the link to nicey's if you want to check it out.

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      I cook professionally so cooking for myself is not likely. I could order the stuff in at work and make it for fun there.

    2. Oh, tell me about it...I've been desperately trying to find a place that serves one of my favorite childhood meals. God, it would be just AWESOME if I could find a restaurant in the GTA that serves split peas with pigtails over rice. YUMMY!!! :)

      Cut and paste from a menu from another country. Something like this! ;)

      Split Peas with Pigtail

      (Or Any Choice of Meat)

      Served with White Rice, Cabbage Slaw and Fried Plantains

      1. Albert's has gungo pea soup Thursdays.