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Oct 23, 2006 06:28 AM

Going to Chicago for the 1st time. Need recommendations for good Chicago Pizza!

My Fiance and I are staying at the Westin on Michigan Ave. Any good Chicago pizza places in the area? Looking for good atmosphere aswell.

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  1. Folks, we ask that everyone stay focused on food. Day spas are outside the scope of Chowhound's mission, so please keep your responses chowy.

    1. You are not going to get a definite answer for "the best" pizza in Chicago.

      My personal favorite is right around the corner from your hotel--Gino's East which is on Rush Street.

      Giordano's and Pizzeria Uno, two of the other bigger names are less than 1/2 mile from your hotel, and Lou Malnati's is just under a mile away.

      You can't go wrong with any of those honestly...but Gino's East wins for me because of their crust.

      1. Hmmm.... Where do you start with a question like this? ;-)

        Seriously, the suggestions you've already been given are pretty much the heavy hitters (Lou Malnotti's, Unos/Dues, Geno's East). My only concern about Uno's however, is that you must hit the downtown location. I've just never felt their chain locations are even close to being as good.

        1. You ask a loaded question indeed! Try this link on a recent thread on the topic:

          1. My vote is for Geppetto's in Oak Park (take the Green line El to the Oak Park stop). I've taken several visitors there and they all adore the pizza.