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Oct 23, 2006 06:27 AM

Bakeries in Berkeley/Oakland

Would there be such a thing as naming the top 5 not to miss bakeries in the berkeley/oakland area?

i have a pastry chef friend coming to town from new york (she has a high end bakery in manhattan) and besides taking her to tartine, miette and other wonderful places in the city, i'd like to take her for a tour of bakeries in berkeley/oakland.

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  1. La Farine and Masse's, definitely. I've also always enjoyed Bread Garden in Berkeley, though I don't know if it matches up to the ones above. And there are a lot of mixed views about Miette, I'm not sure I'd name that as one of the top bakeries in SF.

    1. I'd add...
      * Bakesale Betty on 51st and Telegraph in Oakland.
      * Crixa on Adeline across from the Berkeley Bowl.
      * Original Acme Bread on Cedar and San Pablo.
      And maybe the new kid on the block...
      * the Bread Workshop on University just west of Sacramento.

      1. For total old school - Neldam's on Telegraph

        For a Berkeley experience - Cheeseboard or Arizmendi's

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          I strongly second the Neldam's rec if you're looking for old school. I've never been able to find a bear claw as good...

        2. hello, I'd pretty much concur with the praise of 'sweet adeline'on the very recent post to this board; the Bread Garden does healthy and original interpretations of many classics. Neighborhood places (like Bakesale B's, Arizmendi,Neldams's) have their undeniable charm but don't know if a NYC artisan baker would compare their quality to Acme or some of the other goods mentioned. have fun

          1. Sweet Adeline is also run by a former pastry chef. Very quiet & unassuming little place. It's very much a hidden little neighborhood treat.