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Several people have told me Alber's Cornmeal cannot be found in many stores recently.Anyone use ALbers and having trouble finding it?

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  1. I don't usually notice what brand I buy, but now that you mention it Von's in LA did not have it--there was an empty space with a 'comming soon' notice. I just bought the store brand instead.

    1. I just bought it at Vallarta Market in North Hollywood yesterday... they have both white and yellow.

      1. I bought some at a Mexican market in the Mission in San Francisco yesterday. They also have both white and yellow, and there were plenty of boxes on the shelves.

        1. My grocery store tipped me off about 10 days ago that there had been a product recall. When I googled it, this story from Hawaii came up about why it was recalled:


          I didn't find anything about the recall on the Albers website.

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            Thanks, for the info! tried to find info online to no avail Albers website nor their toll free information line mentions it,I'm glad I didn't find the cornmeal!

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              Today out in Ridgecrest,Ca. I went to by some cornmeal and Albertsons here has non at all. So I started asking question and finally got an answer from the store manager. He said all the Alber's products (grits and cornmeal) had been recalled. He said he didn't know the reason but would think that the products would be back soon.

              Now I do know where it does rain and there is humidity that worms will grown from grain based cereal. Lived in Florida most of my life and it was common to make sure you checked the oatmeal, cornmeal and grits for this reason or you would be eating extra protein.

              I did find the article interesting but it only mentioned the grits.

          2. I emailed Nestle's to find out about the Alber's cornmeal and this is what they told me:
            ADM and Nestlé initiated an investigation after Nestlé heard from consumers who reported finding insects in their ALBERS products. The products affected are ALBERS Yellow Corn Meal in 20 oz. cartons, 40 oz. cartons and 5 lb. bags, ALBERS White Corn Meal in 20 oz. cartons and 40 oz. cartons, and ALBERS Quick Grits in 20 oz. cartons, 40 oz. cartons and 5 lb. bags.

            While food storage pests are generally not a health concern as they do not commonly cause or transmit illness, consumers do not expect to find insects in packaged products. To assure that Nestlé stands for quality, Nestlé is removing from sale all ALBERS products with a manufacturing code that begins with the number 6.

            Nestlé apologizes for any inconvenience experienced by our valued consumers. Should you have additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-432-9371, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

            We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you'll visit our website often for latest information on Nestlé products and promotions.

            Maritza Garcia
            Consumer Response Representative

            Ref: N14414512

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              I have spent the entire day looking for white cornmeal for a specific dessert recipe. . .Having learned of the recall, is there a recommended substitute for white cornmeal? (I happen to have plenty of yellow cornmeal in my cupboard...) And/or, when will white (and yellow) cornmeal be back on supermarket shelves in the Bay Area?

            2. The absolute best, bar none, is Indian Head from Maryland. It is very fine and white and makes the best corn and spoonbreads. Amazon sells it in 2 lb. pkgs. It might want to be something you lobby for a local grocer to sell.

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                Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure I'm willing to "overnight it" from Amazon for my Sunday book club meeting. . .Can you tell me if I were to substitute yellow cornmeal in the recipe (it's a chocolate cornbread, the recipe calling for white cornmeal) if it would be subtly or dramatically different in taste/texture? I've never used white cornmeal. . .

              2. If you use just plain old Quaker cornmeal the texture will be different. I have not done it, but you might try grinding your regular cornmeal in your food processor for finer texture. Color is not such an issue, especially when you are cooking with chocolate. The texture is something else all together

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                  Again, thank you for the excellent suggestion. Yes, I am concerned about the texture being heavier/more dense. If I'm lucky, the markets will be stocking white cornmeal before Sunday!

                2. I talked with a manager at Albertson's and he said all cornmeal and grits had been recalled, but he didn't know the reason why.

                  He said to expect the products to return in 7-10 days.

                  1. YIPPEE!
                    Albers will be back on the shelves SOON!!
                    Cornmeal brand to come back

                    10:00 PM PST on Friday, November 10, 2006

                    By JOSH BROWN
                    The Press-Enterprise

                    Boxes of Albers cornmeal should be back on store shelves just before Thanksgiving.

                    The popular cornmeal and grits were yanked from shelves near the end of September after a customer found bugs in a box of grits.

                    Stater Bros. Markets, Safeway-owned Vons, Albertsons and Kroger-owned Ralphs all carry the brand, which has orange and blue packaging.

                    Jack Brown, chairman and chief executive of Colton-based Stater Bros., said the company was notified Sept. 29 to recall the boxes.

                    New shipments were supposed to arrive this week, he said, but were delayed until the week of Thanksgiving.

                    Laurie MacDonald, a spokeswoman for Nestle, confirmed that new boxes were being shipped to distributors this week.

                    Albers products are manufactured by Archer Daniels Midland Company and distributed by Nestle. The brand is distributed in eight western states.

                    Cornmeal is commonly used during Thanksgiving and Christmas to make stuffing, cornbread and muffins.

                    Some 68,000 packages of yellow cornmeal, 11,000 packages of white cornmeal and more than 46,000 packets of grits were recalled.

                    Reach Josh Brown at 909-806-3074 or jbrown@PE.com

                    1. It does not look like there will be white cornmeal avaiable in time for Thanksgiving in the southwest(I am in Nevada), but for those of you, like me, with cornbread recipes that demand white cornmeal, it is available in the south. I had my mother in Texas FedEx me some.

                      1. no need to fedex white cornmeal. Quaker GRITS are white cornmeal, and can be ground finer in a blender or cuisinart- to get more of a baking cornmeal texture. no, the quaker grits are not as good as excellent stone ground grits or cornmeal, but you CAN use them as a substitute.

                        1. My sister just told me this morning about the recall of the Albers products. About a month or so ago I was looking for grits, but the shelves were empty at two different stores. I now wonder if all staff are informed of recalls. One nice young man even went to the back to look for the grits said they were out of them. I found the Quaker grits at Walmart and they are just as good. I know that there is always a risk of infestation in dry goods, so for years I have stored them in a container in the 'fridge. I try not to think of how many pests I must have eaten over the years.

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