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Oct 23, 2006 03:41 AM

The best sandwiches are always debated on this board, how about best soups?

What are your favorite soups in NY, type doesn’t matter.
These are some of my favorites
Onion soup La Bonne soupe 48 w 55th st
Atlantic seafood chowder Fairway various locations
Celery root veloute w/ chanterelles and truffles Veritas 43 e 20th st

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  1. onion soup at les halles at pas location
    veggie split pea at hale & hearty in chelsea market

    1. Tom Yum (or Yom) soup at Saigon Grill.

      1. The cappelletti or passetelli in brodo at Teodora is amazing. You can also get the passetelli at Bianca. If I could only choose one it would be the cappelleti at Teodora.

        1. Here's one from outta left field. Any of the soup offerings at Yura's, on 92nd and Madison.

          Never fail.

          - Sean

          1. Fleur de Sel's Parsnip Soup with White Truffle & Chestnut Ravioli & Truffle Oil.