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Oct 23, 2006 03:12 AM

Per Se - any special insights?

My wife and I are heading to Per Se for our first anniversary next week. Are there any "I wish I'd known this before I went" thoughts that anyone has to share, or shall we just go and submit?

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  1. Per Se is one of a handful of restaurants were the best approach is to go and relax, put yourself in their hands and let them do what they do best.
    Or in more simple terms as you say 'Submit'

    1. The service will be amazing; keep your expecations low on teh food.

      1. My wife and I have been twice and loved it each time. The food, service, and setting are perfect. Opt for the menu with the most courses, and ask for substitutions so you can try as many dishes as possible (this was easily achieved with my wife because she has food alergies, but I think they will accomodate reasonable requests).

        Just a note about wine. The first time we went, the wine pairings were $75 each, and the wines were excellent. The second time, the wine pairings were $150 each, and the quality of the selections were not as good. For $300, we felt we could do much better from the list. Enjoy.

        1. Absolutely the best place to celebrate your anniversary! They do everything right from service to making you feel extremely comfortable and the food will add a lot of joy to your evening, enjoy!

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