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Oct 23, 2006 03:06 AM

Fresh Rice Noodles from Yung Kee in SF Chinatown

I finally got to check out Yung Kee in Chinatown today (thanks to Melanie's recommendation back in August) for some fresh rice noodles....sadly I made the mistake of only buying two sheets. I definitely should have bought 3 or 4 or 5. They were very fresh and very cheap (I can't remember now how much they were, but I think I spent under 1 dollar in the store and bought two sheets of rice noodles and a bean filled donut.)

Two sheets of rice noodles plus fried tofu, snow peas, shitake mushrooms and black beans was enough for some great homemade chow fun tonight. Just not enough to have much leftover for lunch tomorrow :(

I also tried two shrimp/chive dumplings from the place directly across the street (Dim Sum House? or House of Dim Sum?). They were OK.

Today was my first daytime experience in SF Chinatown, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I definitely want to continue exploring.

Dave MP

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  1. If I remember correctly they are either 20 or 25 cents a sheet. So I normally buy a couple of bucks worth for my rolled rice noodle.

    The House of Dim Sum is accross the street and I like there steamed whole rice shrimp dumpling best. Give them a try. Called "real perarl" shrimp balls.

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      Yeah, I think they were 25 cents each. I'd say that you need at least 3 sheets to make a noodle dish for 2. More if you want leftovers.

      What do you usually put in your rolled rice noodles? Do you just steam them after you roll them?

      Dave MP

      1. re: Dave MP

        The rice noodle roll must be served very fresh (the day the rice noodle is made).

        You not refrigate the noodle, it will be come hard and fall apart. If you reheat you will make is water logged and it will fall apart. What we make we eat the same day.

        My filling is scramble eggs ( I add a ingredient not available unless you are very lucky dried shrimp roe), roast pork, green onion, cooked bean sprouts (just barely cooked) and sweet pickled baby cucumbers.

        You just roll up and cut into 2" pieces. Drip in oyster sauce or hoisin sauce.

    2. Daytime in Chinatown is really where it's at! I don't think I've seen any part of Kowloon or Shanghai's Nanshi more crowded or much more colorful than Stockton Street and its tributaries at high noon.

      1. Do they also have the rice noodle sheets with the dried shrimp and green onion? I love eating those fresh and soft, or pan frying the next day.

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          Yes, Yung Kee has this item. But so does every other place. Do keep trying until you find the one you like best.

        2. Hi, I came across your message in a google search. My husband and I moved from CT and we love chow fun and would LOVE to find out where we can buy the fresh rice noodles. Can you give me the address to Yung Kee? Many thanks!

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