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Oct 23, 2006 02:56 AM

[AUS] New Mexican styles

Just moved to Austin this week, and am very much enamored by your fine town. I've been staying in the downtown area since I arrived, but have still managed to find some good bites in an otherwise seemingly non-chow district. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad eating area, but I'm always a little more interested by the places in low-rent nabes. I digress.

I had a green chile stew appetizer at the Roaring Fork a few nights ago, which made me wonder about the New Mexican possibilities in town. I'm sure I'll be getting my Tex-Mex on plenty, but where does one go for some good posole (green) or maybe even fry-bread, or heck, even a green chile burger ?

Thanks much, and I look forward to eating my way through town, perhaps even in the good company of some of y'all.

PS. just got done reading a "best tacquerias" post which has me wanting to drive around eating tacos for the next 12 hours. Yeesh.

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  1. Heya,

    In August, Central Market and Whole Foods offer roasting, activities and ready-made foods using New Mexico Hatch Chiles. That said, and I am begging for correction, there doesn't seem to be too much New Mexican cuisine around these parts. El Borrego de Oro does a mean puerco en chile verde, but I haven't found a fry bread here per se.

    During the Hatch frenzy, we met some Swedish friends at Shady Grove...I ordered a Hatch chile chicken soup which was just runny salsa, and my husband ordered a nice chargrilled burger with a fresh roasted green chile salsa slathered on top. It was good. It was good enough to keep me wondering about it, just a little bit!

    Great Q - FRY BREAD? In Arizona at the Tohono Odom Res, you can get fry bread with green chile, cheese, or some sugary thing. Maybe we need to move this to the greater SW board, but I would love to know more about the more indigenous offering of the American SW.

    1. Texican Cafe in Manchaca (much better than the one in South Dallas up at Lakeline Mall) is El Paso style and has New Mexican influences. The Chili Colorado is really good.

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        Thanks for this. Just did a quick scan of their menu and also wondered if you'd had their cabrito ?

        Dee lannon, thanks for your tips as well. I'm nowhere near well-versed in that cuisine either, but would certainly like to track down a Navajo taco as a means of biting into the iceberg's tip. Lots of exploring to do in a cuisine that also has a seemingly intriguing food history to it as well.

        PS. I'm still a little surprised that there haven't been a dozen recommendations for at least some green chile around here. I thought perhaps the title was being misinterpreted as any "new"/recently-opened Mexican restaurants, but I guess the New Mexico/Santa-Fe-style/whatever is just maybe scant in these parts.

        1. re: Nab

          Yes I have. I thought it was good. I've only had cabrito at two places so I don't really qualify as an expert though!

          The Chile Colorado, Cabrito, and beef fajitas are usually the three items I rotate between.

      2. The reason there haven't been many replies is b/c there aren't many options for new mexican cuisine or green chili in Austin...also, don't hold your breath looking for fry bread. I moved here from NM 4 years ago, and while I love Austin, I've had to make peace with the fact that Tex-Mex is radically different. I very randomly had the best green chili dish I've tasted in town about 1 month ago at Enoteca when they did a buccatini with a green chili cream sauce with corn and peppers...awesome.

        I might recommend the cheese enchiladas at Maria's Taco Express. For some reason they remind me of the cheese enchiladas from La Choza in Santa Fe (the Shed's sister restaurant). Also, I haven't come across a green posole here, but if you find one PLEASE let me know since the holidays are coming up!

        1. I LOVE the green chili at Roaring Fork... as most of you have seen before. There are also some interesting green chili entrees at Chuy's from time to time. Not my fave, but some people I know form CA are quite pleased. Also, there is a Green Chile dish at Lucy's Boatyard that had them raving.

          1. Chuy's Green Chile Festival menu is top-notch (I can't really compare to NM since I've been there just once). This year's brownie with green chile glaze sauch and green chile ice cream was staggering good. They've added their green chile pork burrito to the regular menu as well but it has a different, not as good green chile sauch on top. Anyway, their festival is 3 weeks or so in early Sept. when the Hatch chiles come in.