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Oct 23, 2006 02:36 AM

Boston Organics, lately?

We used to get Boston Organics last year. Initially, we loved it, then we cooled to it after several so-so boxes in a row and canceled, as it was getting to be farmers market season anyway.

Now we are considering starting it back up again and are just wondering how people's experiences with it have been recently?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. We really had a lovely box last week. This time of year, I opt for all fruit because that is the heavy stuff to carry from the farmer's market and because I get bananas, pineapples, mangoes, kiwis and citrus - all of which are not grown in MA.

    I'm still a very happy customer of Boston Organics. Did you see that they are now letting you add some specific seasonal items to your order? This week I'm adding some potatoes and a local raspberry vinegar.

    I emailed them to asked if they can add boxes of clementines in season and hope they will be able to find good organic ones at a reasonable price. I love to give those as small thank you gifts and my husband has even taken trays of them to work as his contribution to the holiday party. (BTW, they were a hit!)

    1. We cancelled our deliveries a little over a month ago as we were so frustrated with getting fruit that was way underripe (much of it would never ripen, just rot, no matter what we did with it) and veggies that only lasted a couple days before becoming slimy.

      I really really really wanted it to work out for us - I think the premise of the business is absolutely awesome, and the staff is really great, so this is precisely the kind of business we want to support any way possible. We took many deliveries to be sure we weren't just getting a few bad ones, but in the end, there were more disappointments than we could stomach.

      Myabe we are super picky - I am not sure. Many seem to enjoy the service.

      1. I am a long-time subscriber and continue to like the service. In general the produce is fresh and good. Unripe fruit is an occasional problem (got a solid green mango this week), but generally is only one out of many items. Certainly the equivalent or better than anything I get at our local supermarket, even when I carefully pick through the stone fruit for the one ripe fruit (which almost invariably turns out to be bruised, not ripe).

        I think it is a very convenient service with good value and good quality.

        1. I have been consistently happy with their service. I've really been enjoying the local winter squashes and kale/chard/greens lately. Sometimes the fruit isn't up to par - but this happens when I buy fruit at Whole Foods or the supermarket, too. I always tell them about the poor quality fruit, and they always send lots more produce in the next box to make up for it. For me, the convenience makes it more than worth it. I'm also still enjoying the wild Maine blueberries they were selling in 5 lb boxes this summer... and I'm looking forward to more add-ons and seasonal offerings.

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            Interesting. I never complained too loudly about the fruit or short lived veggies...maybe I should have! Did you email or call?

            1. re: lisa13

              I send an email through their online comments form - they're really nice and apologetic, and always send a ton more fruit to make up for it. I'm curious about your short-lived veggies. I get my delivery on Friday, and frequently the veggies last upwards of 2-3 weeks.

              1. re: Jeda

                Thanks for the lowdown - if I give it another go I will follow your lead and contact them if there are problems. Veggies lasting 2-3 weeks? I would have been happy with having them look good a week later!

                My worst experiences: cucumber delivered already quite slimy with soft spots, cauliflower covered (really covered) with those moldy black spots within 4-5 days, broccoli already yellowing after a couple of days, green beans never lasted more than 3 or 4 days before getting funky with dark/soft spots. Items beyond really hardy keepers (like onions, potatoes, carrots, winter squash) were good for a week at best before showing clear signs of being past prime and turning into soup fodder.

                We were members for the majority of the summer with deliveries on thursday. We did leave a cooler/ice a couple of times, but usually my man was home for delivery and got things into the fridge right away.

                I don't know what the deal is. Maybe I just have that kind of luck? I'm glad it's not everyone's experience!

                1. re: lisa13

                  Wow! I'm so sorry you had these experiences. I would certainly let them know - I might tell them that's why you stopped using their service, but that you're giving it another try because of the good things you'd heard... and certainly email them whenever you get funky produce or things aren't up to par. I always left ice packs out in the summer time, but wouldn't get home until at least 6 to unload. Good luck!

                  1. re: lisa13

                    I had a similar bad experience this summer (damaged veg, yellowed broccoli, overripe fruit), and for the first time I had to send an email complaint. I received a prompt, pleasant and apologetic reply. The next week I received extra produce that more than made up for the previous week's items. I think they have had a LOT of growth in the past year or so, but I am willing to look past some of the growing pains, especially when they are so helpful and responsive to any comments or complaints. I wish more companies would have such competent customer service.

            2. Fruit quality and ripeness has been an issue for us as well. We are continuing with the service after some discussion, but the decision was not clear cut. The thing we like most is that the service challenges us to try and cook with new produce which we would normally not buy otherwise.

              We consider BO to be supplementary to our normal weekly shopping. I would say that carefully selected fruit from either Russos or Whole Foods is consistently superior to what we get from BO.