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Oct 23, 2006 02:14 AM

Substitutes or replacements for cast iron grill?

Cast iron grill for use with charcoal or gas grills?
Lodge Cast Iron has a Logic Barbecue Grill Grat, Part#: LBBG3, for $39.00. It is cast iron, with slots in it, to be placed over a charcoal or gas grill, and it can be used for grilling fish or meats because (a) it gets real hot and holds the heat, (b) lets some flame through the slots or slits, (c) can be used and put aside unlike full sized grills or grates. It's reall good for fish because the surface is flat and the fish can be laid on it easily. Unfortunately, according to the factory they won't have this item in stock again until about December. Anybody have any ideas of another cast iron grill wuith similar characteristics?

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  1. I'm not sure why you need to order this from the factory...just do a search for it and you'll see a good number of places with it in stock or in stock soon. I have ordered Lodge Cast Iron stuff from Amazon before...great because you get free shipping!

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      Nobody, including Amazon, seems to have this particular item. I tried Amazon and a couple of other places advertising it, and they all said it was on order, so I emailed Lodge and they gave me a Jnauary date when it would be available.

    2. Charbroil brand grills sells replacement cast iron grill grates. I don't recommend their grills but I would check out their cast iron grates for $40.

      1. I love, love, love the vintage Griswold cast iron griddle/grill that I bought from RetroTraderz at He seems to have a fair amount of vintage Griswold for sale. Just go to Rubylane and do a search for products by RetroTraderz.

        The grill arrived in perfect condition and since it is vintage, it was already pre-seasoned. It had a wonderful patina and nothing sticks. I use it over a gas flame to grill fish and to make pancakes. It is my single favorite thing in my kitchen.

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            Thanks. Sorry but I finally just bought an older Sunbeam GRILL TOPPER (RACK) CAST IRON 18 x12" which looks similar and was seasoned this morning. Made in China of course and cast iron with handles and slots or slits in it, fits my Weber silver B nicely. I got it, of all places, on eBay. I think it will work nicely with fish and steaks and the cast iron will hold the heat better than the stainless steel bars on the Weber, although for longevity the bars on the Weber will prevail.

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