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Oct 23, 2006 02:10 AM

Expensive UWS for Birthday Dinner

I want to take my wife out for a nice dinner on her birthday. We've been to Per Se and Cafe Gray, and Compass and Telepan and Aix and all the older usual UWS suspects. I'd reserved at Asiate but just found out that she's going there tomorrow for a work related dinner and twice in the same week just doesn't sound right. Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be romantic since I'll be dragging three others along.

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  1. How about Porter House, the new Michael Lomonaco restaurant? Their website is not yet operational, but menupages has the menu.

    Also, I know you said you've been to all the older usual suspects; however, Picholine recently re-opened after a makeover, so maybe it will seem new?

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      I was just going to recommend Picholine... Has anyone been since the re-do?

      Also, another usual suspect but not mentioned... Ouest on 84/85 and B'way. We love it there...My husband and I usually ask for a red circular banquette (one in the middle) just past the bar toward the dining room. Yes, it is a pass thru to the dining room but never feels crowded or busy for some reason. The banquettes are so spacious and the aisle/walkway is pretty wide. You also face a wall of wine, it is dark and we think romantic.

      Anyway, one of our faves on UWS. THe food is always terrific and the wine list is as well, IMHO. They also make terrific martinis, which we always start with...

      Enjoy, wherever you decide!

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        timely post for us as we have reservations at ouest for sat. night. any recommendations? thanks.

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          Well, I LOVE the Lobster Cauliflower Custard as an appetizer, as well as the truffled omelet souffle. My husband and I fight over them :-)

          As for the mains, I tend to stick to the short ribs. I go in with every intention of trying something new and always end up with these short ribs, which are to die for, IMHO. My husband loves the pork chop and rib eye. I have also had the roasted salmon and loved it as well but go back to my fave.

          An honorable menton to the salmon gravlax/ chick pea pancake and the house smoked sturgeon appetizers...and lastly, I adore the soft polenta side...


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              Enjoy and please report back...

              I hope my recs please you, if you do try any of them.

    2. I've never been but Onera is up there too. The old 222 spot I believe.

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        Wow, forgot about 222... I used to love the sorta hidden space... I really cannot remember the food too much, just the private dining feel... If I remember correctly, it was a bit dated, service was great, and the food was okay to good, no?

      2. I assume Ouest is one of the "older usual UWS suspects" but if not, I would definitely choose it for this occasion. Onera would also be a nice choice. I understand the instinct to try Asiate but while the ambiance and views are hard to beat, the food didn't wow me...

        1. I live up there, Ouest is the best up there, I think. Other "suspects" are Pair of 8's, Haku or Gari (for Sushi) and maybe....hmmmm....that's about it. Onera is excellent, but Ouest, the rib eye, a big banquette, and the soups = great, great meal.

          1. As you are considering Columbus Circle spots, what about Jean Georges? It is still wonderful and JGV keeps a close eye on the kitchen.