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Gordon Ramsay's the F Word

Just watched it on BBC America... It seems like a fun show, but it seems a bit too all over the place... He is more pleasant on this show than the Hell's Kitchen. Anyone watched it?

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  1. I watched it last night too and didn't really grasp as to what the show was about...

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      It's a cooking variety show. I like it because it gets rid of all the canned patter that's so common. He has a community member chalenge him with their best recipe, he talks to other food media and chefs that visit the dining room, they go on ingredient scouts, and he swears!

      It's one of the best food shows, to me, because I'm sick of these perky robots who really are just the same people who annoyed us all in high school. I'm around kitchens and bars all day long, I like Gordon because he's more of what you see in the business, not on TV. And that's refreshing.

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        I realized this week that it's got the same magazine format every episode:

        - quick entree demonstration
        - commis elimination reality show
        - visits with celebrities at the tables
        - raising turkeys with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
        - Giles Coren's bit
        - "Get Women Back in the Kitchen" home cooking lesson
        - dessert cookoff

    2. I like Gordon and that's one of his better shows.

      This is the one where 4 home cooks come to staff a meal service (3 courses) and whichever team gets the most paying customers wins . . . right? Love it!

      And that Janet Street Porter woman is a hoot!


      1. What happened to Kitchen Nightmares? I haven't seen them all and would like to, but since they moved it from Tue or Wed night at 9pm, I haven't been able to catch it. Just noticed that it is listed on the BBCA website for this wed. at 9, but listed at 11pm in yahoo TV guide -maybe this is why I can't seem to catch them.

        I welcome any cooking related show with this guy, I can't get enough. Wish there were more people on TV that actually says what they think.

        1. I watched a bunch of episodes while I was on vacation in London, and really enjoyed them. The magazine format is a bit hectic, but seeing the many sides of GR made it worth while.

          1. Hectic, and a bit all over the pace are good descriptions.

            Love Gordon's persona -- not sure if the real Gordon is anywhere near his TV character.

            His food, by contrast to his explosive, profane character, is quite lush and relaxing.

            Watching him with his kids is, to me, a better way to evaluate what kind of man/chef he is.

            They should get rid of the Brit "personalities" and his gratuitious innuendo with the women and focus on the food.

            Overall, good, but could be better -- especially it cut to 30 minutes.


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              Anthony Bourdain, during a radio interview said that Kitchen Nightmare's persona is more like his real personality. The Hell's Kitchen bit is more like he was ten years ago.

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                Yeah, I saw hells kitchen first before KN and liked him MUCH better on KN, in that he showed he was PASSIONATE, but also showed WHY he was passionate about food and making sure a restaurant succeeded. I almost didn't believe it was the same guy...


            2. so the turkey named anthony, is that supposed to be anthony bourdain? just curious

              His kids are so cute too

              the woman in the beginning of the show freaked me out. She was going on and on about foie gras (which is great, I mean how could you not?) but she had the most god awful "summer" teeth and smeared blue eyeshadow. Looked like she paid a 3 year old to pick the color and put it on her. She made me hate foie gras for 5 mins, but now I'm all better (:

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                  Anthony is Anthony Worrall Thompson he's a British chef. Gordon doesn't like him very much! I can't remember what he called the others but they were all UK chefs.

                  I take it then that the series that's on is the one with the turkeys rather than the one with the pigs..? (I preferred the pig format, but have a real problem with Janet Street Porter)

                  I like the F word as it's the only Ramsay show where he cooks and shows you how as opposed to just shouting and telling you how not to!

                  As for getting rid of the "Brit" (I assume that means British) personalities, I have always found them somewhat patronising but amusing sidelines to Gordon ranting at whoever is trying to cook that week.

                  Anyway info can be at http://www.channel4.com/life/microsit...

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                    I was going to say, it seems like gordon and anthony would get along.

                2. If it wasn't for the occasional camera/audio of Ramsey smiling and being a "chef" I wouldn't bother tuning in for all the F words...that's a bore.

                  1. It was very amusing to see his face when the guests picked the other Chef's amateurish looking bread pudding over Gordon's... He looked genuinely surprised and horrified...
                    I hope BBC airs the Kitchen Nightmares again, I love that show...

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                      There's one later this week, I think Sunday night.

                    2. Bourdain respects Ramsey...he's talked about it and written about it.

                      1. The survey on "what else besides smoking should be banned in restaurants" was interesting. I'm surprised that noise didn't make the cut.


                        1. At first I didn't like 'F Word', but now I don't think Ramsey can make a bad show. With so mush going on the pace sometimes seem a little fast, could use a little less flirting with the ladies though. The segments with the food journalist (forgot his name) are pretty good as well, loved the episode on dumpster diving! I was amazed that they showed the turkeys being put to rest this week. I'm going to miss this show when it ends.