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best dumplings in Munich

phoenikia Oct 23, 2006 01:49 AM

Where are the best savoury dumplings found in Munich? And where are your favourite places for sweet dumplings? I'm hoping to find a great Mohn-Topfenknoedel when I visit in a few weeks. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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  1. s
    Simon Majumdar RE: phoenikia Oct 25, 2006 02:20 PM

    Try the Spaten Haus by the Opera House


    The "bavarian plate" is as scary as it is delicious. The two dumplings that came with it were too much for one person, but damn tasty


    1. p
      phoenikia RE: phoenikia Oct 26, 2006 01:46 PM

      Thanks for the suggestion, Simon.

      I found a menu link for Spatenhaus here:
      http://www.kuffler-gastronomie.de/en/... ,

      Looks like a great place.

      1. Chuckles the Clone RE: phoenikia Oct 27, 2006 04:56 AM

        I'm afraid I don't really know my dumplings one from the other. But.
        I always enjoy the ones that come with most things at the Weisses Brauhaus.
        Here's a menu. If you think the Bavarian Plate at the Spaten Haus is scary,
        scroll down to the section labeled "Die besten Stücke sind die Innereien"


        Just a short walk off of Marienplaz.

        1. p
          Peter B Wolf RE: phoenikia Nov 6, 2006 01:06 AM

          " Mohn-Topfenknoedel " are indeed 'sweet' dumplings, Mohn is Poppyseed. Look for dampnudeln, just another type of sweet dumpling.
          All other dumplings mentioned by above posters and in certain places are of the savory type, eaten with meats etc.
          All that Info, and still no place which is best for the sweet stuff, but try Cafe Dallmeyr

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          1. re: Peter B Wolf
            phoenikia RE: Peter B Wolf Nov 8, 2006 12:58 AM

            I walked through Dallmeyr yesterday...right after a nice lunch at Spatenhaus. Talk about beautiful presentation. Gives those fancy English and French food halls a run for their money;)

          2. j
            Jimbosox04 RE: phoenikia Nov 6, 2006 08:14 PM

            Augustiner Keller is a very good bavarian food that offers many selections to suit what you are looking for, also one of Munich's famous brauhaus. Located at Kaufinger Strasse which the main shopping area between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz. Very good portions for a reasonable price. Just came back from this area, visited my in-laws in Munich for the holidays in 2005. If you get the chance also try Haxenbauer located close to Marienplatz at Tal ...close to Hofbrauhaus and Hard Rock Cafe Munich...definite places to visit... PROST !!

            1. p
              phoenikia RE: phoenikia Nov 8, 2006 12:54 AM

              Here is my Muenchen dumpling report;)

              Friday night I had the Argauer style pan at the Augustiner. It was filled with spaetzle, maultaschen, fleischpflanerl and a mushroom cream sauce. And then there was no room for any sweet dumplings.

              Saturday, I had the Griessknoedel Suppe followed by Aprikose knoedel with stewed plums at the Franziskaner. I found the food I ordered at the Franziskaner to be slightly better than what I had at the Augustiner.

              Sunday, I had homemade potato dumplings.

              Monday, I had a taste of both the semmel knoedel and the potato knoedel at Spatenhaus. Both very good, especially with their sauerbraten. Monday night, the pheasant I ordered at at restaurant across from the Gasteig came with schnupnudeln- little potato dumplings that had been panfried.

              Thanks for all your suggestions!

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