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Oct 23, 2006 01:21 AM

New Dinner special at Spicy Mina

Today, I had lunch at Mina's (Palak Paneer, Samosa Chat as good as ever, and she sent out a plateful of Pakora, too)... This was new, though: a handwritten piece of paper fell out of the menu announcing a dinner special...

"Dinner - Buy two entrees, get one free."

This seems like a great idea--should go a long way toward alleviating people's price concerns...


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  1. Fish and Biriani dishes are excluded

    1. Do you know if they're doing anything special for Eid al-Fitr? They have such great haleem to begin with.

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      1. re: lambretta76

        the khichuri they have been serving for iftar meals is very good too - maybe they will have that for Eid

          1. re: rose water

            classicly its rice and dal - probably mung dal similar to a pilaf- the two are cooked together til dry - it is supplemented with a lot of oil/butter, spices, nuts etc - mine was vegetable at request, but it is usually made with meat or chicken and thats the way I would get it if ordered again. Its one of the standard fast-ending foods. Fortifying.