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Oct 23, 2006 12:14 AM

best cucumber trader joes!

ok, this is totally random, but the persian-style cucumber sold in clamshell plastic containers at trader joe's are SO good. usually, i avoid produce from tj's, but these are the best cucumbers i have ever tasted! crunchy, delicate skins, great flavor, no bitterness. they were there a week or so ago, i'm still crunching through them. yum.

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  1. You should try the Persian Cucumbers you can get at the Middle Eastern markets - they are even better. I like this Armenian produce stand in Pasadena on Washington, next to Sandwiches by Connel. I only get the TJ ones when I don't have time to go to the market.

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    1. re: oro3030

      I have driven by it. Do you feel they have good prices? Thanks!

      1. re: WildSwede

        In general I think the prices are reasonable and I have frequently found better tasting fruit there than what's available in the Pasadena farmer's market.

    2. the other night at scoops, he had cucumber / mint sorbet. not too sweet, extremely refreshing, and all that great flavor from persian cucumbers.

      my mom used to always get these for us from random middle eastern markets in the valley. so glad they've made into the mainstream! a tip: she always stores cucumbers in the fridge in a cloth bag -- this absorbs some of the moisture in the fridge and slows down the process of the skins getting all slimey.

      1. The only problem with these is they are hit and miss, like all the produce at TJs. I bought some last week and they got soft and mushy within a day. And I always put them in a ziplock right after I buy them (if you leave them in those plastic containers, they get wrinkly in a day).

        I prefer the persian or Japanese cucumbers at Whole Foods.

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        1. re: Clare K

          i agree, but here's a trick: tj requires all of their produce suppliers to sticker the product with the date they were packed. in most cases, this is within a day of harvest. pay attention to this and it will help.

          1. re: Clare K

            Soft and mushy in a day, really? I think the TJ Persian cukes are very consistently good and last several days without much loss of crunch. I hardly ever bother to take them out of the clamshell. I buy them all the time and haven't had any problems (unlike, let's say, milk, which I no longer buy at TJ's). I like to slice up the cukes and dip them in TJ's hummus - makes a reasonably healthy snack.

          2. try the cukes at elat market on pico just east of robertson.

            1. The key to persian cucumbers, whether you buy them at TJ's or Elat's or wherever, is to give 'em the squish test. Poke through the plastic container if you must. They have to be thin and firm or you're going to be disappointed.