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Oct 23, 2006 12:04 AM

dinner for 10 in village

I'm looking for a restaurant that meets the following specs, thanks for any assistance!
--in the village, within a few blocks of mcdougal & w. 4th
--nice but not top-dollar
--any cuisine besides japanese or seafood
--need vegetarian options
--needs to serve wine/booze
--need to be able to make a reservation for 10 people (for a tues. night)
--can't be too loud

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  1. How about Villa Mosconi on Macdougal near Houston? I've been to a couple of gatherings there, and they seem to welcome groups. It's classic Italian food in an old-school setting.

    1. I would consider the private room downstairs at Blue Ribbon Bakery on Bedford and Downing. It's a great, intimate space in a restaurant that meets all of your other specs.