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Oct 23, 2006 12:03 AM

India Sweets & Spices - Thousand Oaks?

The India Sweets and Spices webpage claims there will be a new branch of this store opening up in Thousand Oaks. ( Does anyone have any details, like when and where? And does anyone know if all locations have the take out counter?

As someone who has driven to Canoga Park for IS&S take out, I'm pretty excited about this.

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  1. YAY!! That would be awesome for them to open up a location in Thousand Oaks. We are sorely in need of some good Indian food. Sorry, I don't have any additional info for you, but wanted to share my enthusiasm!

    1. I called their Glendale location and was told they do not have a location as of yet but are actively looking.

      The gentleman asked "Do you have one?", meaning a location for them.

      Still, he insisted they will be out here "very, very soon".

      1. Thanks Okie!
        I can't wait for IS&S to open. We often take out food from the Apna Spiceland market since they added their takeout counter earlier this year, but the IS&S really has outstanding veg dishes. Apna does have meat dishes though, where IS&S does not.

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          I haven't had a chance to go to Apna Spiceland and try their take-out counter. What would you recommend there?

        2. The vegetarian samosas are really good with a spicy potato filling, but I thought the chicken ones were not nearly as delicious. The vegetable dishes are generally very tasty, and they seem to rotate their offerings quite a bit. I've had a really good taro curry and an interesting spicy green bean saute made from haricot vert chopped up into little pieces (sorry, don't know the proper name for the dishes). The meat dishes seem to be pretty much the same every time I go, and they're good but not great. I think the lamb is probably the best, but they're all okay. The Deep brand of garlic naan is pretty good out of the freezer case which you just warm up in the oven before eating. There's also an extensive pastry case filled with Indian sweets that I believe are homemade which I've never tried--I find Indian desserts a bit on the sweet side for my tastes.

          1. I just went to a musical show plus food in Calabasas, the food was great. I believe it was catered by APNA SPICELAND in thousand oaks. I have been to APNA SPICELAND BEFORE once but never tried their food. The food was great at the show specially the Malai Kofta, chicken curry and the mirch curry were excellent. Never tasted so good before. I have been to India Sweets and Spices but the food over their sucks. No quality at all.