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Oct 22, 2006 11:55 PM

Bangor Area Lobster

Okay, I went to Bar Harbor and Camden and had 3 lobster dinners, of which only one was outstanding. When I get back from Canada to Bangor in 4 days from now, I have only one last chance for a final outstanding lobster meal before I return to Hawaii. Will someone please tell me where to go? I don't want soggy and I surely don't mind shedders. I just want the real thing and I want it to be good.

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  1. Captain Nicks is about the only place in Bangor to get a lobster dinner. For a lobster roll I recommend Rt 9 diner,
    Coach House in Brewer, or Capt Nicks.

    1. Weathervane on Wilson Street in Brewer, but stick to the lobster dinner, NOT the lobster roll.

      1. Are you driving ? Flying in ? Walking..? What ? Do you want inside dining or will you do Outside ? Weather permitting, of course.

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        1. re: Jimmy

          We have a car and any dining locale will do, as long as we don't freeze.

          Someone suggested a place near to the airport called The Muddy Rudder. Any info on that?

          1. re: ponocat

            Muddy Rudder --- do yourself a favor and skip over it.

        2. I had the best lobster of my life in bar harbor.
          I think it was called main street restaurant. Very family-style, but my god that lobster was cooked to perfection. Sweet and not overcooked. Just right. Yum.

          1. The Muddy Rudder is not near the airport, but across the river in Brewer. The food is not lousy, but at best is average...not what a Chowhound would like. Anyway, here is the scoop on Bangor can get a decent lobster dinner at Capt. Nick's which is right near the airport on Union St...the quality is uniform, but the rest of the menu is so-so..if you want my opinion, go to the New Moon Cafe at 47 Park St. in Bangor,,this place you will like alot..and if you want Lobster, go to McLaughlin's Seafood at 728 Main St. in Bangor..they will pack your lobsters to travel and you can bring home an entire lobster dinner. If you do not know how to properly cook a lobster , just ask.