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Oct 22, 2006 10:59 PM

Indian Tonight - Not Too Far From Silver Lake

So, my girlfriend, who has been on Nutrisystem for about a month and a half, is craving Indian food and has decided to go off of her
diet so we can go out to eat tonight.
Now, the question is...where to go for good Indian food?
One of our favorite dishes if fish tikka but I prefer it be
made with a firm, white fish (no swordfish).
Who fits that bill not too far from Silver Lake?

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  1. Oh for the love of God, please do not go to Electric Lotus.
    Tantra is also an abomination.

    You may have to slip up into the valley or something, because there just is not so much in the way of edible near Silverlake. Bummer because I too live on the East Side.

    Maybe Bollywood - it's tiny, but the tikka is good. On Ventura.

    1. Paru's is good, but vegetarian, so you won't get any fish tikka there.

      You might try Agra. It's not mind blowing, but they're nice, and some people really like it.

      In the valley, I like Gangadin. The food there is very good. I don't know if they have fish tikka, but you can always ask.

      1. Makkah Halal Tandoori
        401 S. vermont
        (at between 4th and 5th)
        LA, CA

        Great chicken tikka there. Don't know if fish is on t he menu, though.

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          I agree on the Makkah suggestion... Makkah does have fish tikka on thier menu; and a variety of fish curries.

          Here is an Internet Archive link to thier menu:

        2. The original comment has been removed