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Oct 22, 2006 10:05 PM

Shopping for pots & pans

Any suggestions on what brands to buy under $200?

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  1. Are you looking for a pot or pan under $200, or a set? My favorite brand is Sitram - the one with the copper core, but you might only be able to get two pieces for $200.

    1. How many peices are you looking for and do you get "Chefs" catalogue?

      1. I would like to get a basic set and then expand.

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          Check out Costco and Sam's Club - Costco has an excellent anodized Aluminum set for $150 - it is great 14 piece and cooks beautifully - Sams Club for a stainless steel All Clad - I got both of these recommendationd from Consumer Reports - both received top ratings -

        2. Sur La Table has some beautiful stainless cookware under their own label. I'd compare the style and construction to All Clad's stainless line. I like the 8 piece set, and it comes in at just about $200.



            Thought you might like to read this recent thread about home cookware. There was some discussion about a Sitram set available at

            Good luck!