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Milagro tequila

Anyone familiar with Milagro tequila? A liquor store in my area has the 750 ml. bottle of the anejo on sale currently for $26.99. That seems inexpensive, particularly for an anejo.

The store also stocks the Milagro silver, and reposado. It comes in an attractive bottle, and is labeled 100% de agave. Maybe, it's inexpensive for a reason.

Any opinions?

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  1. Here is my take on Milagro which I have posted previously.

    I often enjoy Milagro, but I am also deeply suspicious of it, and no longer buy it for myself. Whoever makes and markets this stuff certainly knows their business. First, I would guess that it is a US export label, unknown in Mexico, except in high traffic tourist areas and duty free shops. I don't think that it is associated with any particular tequileria. (there are about 65 tequilerias and 6500 brands) I admit that I could be wrong. Second, tequila is not like Scotch so I would not waste money on the single barrel marketing gimmick. The anejo barrels are sealed by the government. Third, I keep my open tequila in the freezer. In the past, part of the Milagro has frozen, indicating the presence of a significant amout of water as tequila has too much alcohol to freeze. No other tequila has ever done that. Finally, I am a cynic and their bottles are too cool to be real.

    1. If I remember correctly, and I could be very wrong here, so bear with me, but I remember hearing that it didn't have the proper portions of agave in it and thus was closer to a tequila flavored gin conglomeration.

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        The bottle did say 100% de agave, so I don't believe it's a tequila flavored gin.

        By the spiffiness of the bottle, I'm beginning to think Milagro tequila may be some American backed anglicized marketing effort to pass off some non-descript tequila as something better. It's just a guess.

        As I said earlier, $26.99 for a 750 ml. bottle of an anejo 100% agave tequila seems suspiciously low.

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          It is tequila, not gin for sure... and I agree very suspicious 100% Anejo for 26.99.

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            Being "suspicious" of $27 anejo is a poor basis for evaluating a product. Would you be suspicious of $15 shiraz? Some of the best wines produced can be had for under $20 a bottle. I've tried all the Milagro offerings available in my area (silver, anejo, reposado) and find them to be a good value. By the way, the anejo goes for about $36 a bottle in my area. Not the best tequila by any stretch, but your not getting cheated either.

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              I was buying a private-label Anejo for $12 a fifth a year ago [Calle Azul] ...

        2. milagros is a "decent" example of an anejo. i paid $40 for a bottle of it about two weeks ago, so you are getting a bargain. it is a pretty smooth anejo with mellow flavors of vanilla and slight hint of oak. i am pretty sure that if it says 100% agave, then it should be. also, this is the furthest thing from gin.

          1. Just got back from Mexico where I tried Milagro at my hotel, a 5 star place. I found it to be good as did my co-worker who is very picky about his tequila. $26 is what they charged at the duty free shop in the Monterey airport.

            1. That does seem cheap, I think it's closer to $40 in Philly. And the reposado is better than the anejo, actually.

              1. I've tried a lot of tequilas and, personally, find the Milagro anejo to be one of the least appealing I've tasted. It starts quite well, but quickly is overwhelmed by a lingering finish that is strongly suggestive, to me, of acetone or turpentine. I haven't encountered a similar bouquet in any other tequila - possibly imparted by the particular mix of agaves they use (it's not 100% blue agave)., or perhaps the particular type of oak it's aged in. I haven't tried the silver of reposado. Of course, tastes vary greatly and others may appreciate this bouquet just as much as I dislike it - somebody must or they'd be out of business - so I'd suggest buying a 50 ml bottle and trying it for yourself. As for whether it's tequila or gin, I'd be amazed if the Mexican authorities didn't immediately shut down any tequileros that were falsely claiming to be distributing a 100% agave tequila.

                1. Man, where's swsidejim when we want a tequila opinion?! :)

                  1. I have to amend an error in my earlier post - Milagro is 100% blue agave - I indicated it was simply 100% agave, as indicated on the bottle. But the website clarifies that it is indeed blue agave.

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                      all Tequila is made from 100% blue agave. if they use any other agave its considered a mezcal

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                        Gracias for the reminder - I was thinking of only the geographic requirements for labeling as tequila - forgot that the 100% "blue" agave requirement also applies. Which raises the question - if the agave is all from the tequila region, but it's less than 51% blue, that would also be a mezcal, right?

                    2. I bought the fancy bottle anejo reserva a few years ago and it wasn't cheap.It is the least interesting tequila in my collection and when it is done(I serve it to guests that don't know much about tequila but like the bottle) I will not be replacing it.The bottles that they are trying to practically give away at Duty Free, I think we saw a 2 for 1 special in D.F. 2 weeks ago, are also not worth owning.

                      1. I picked up a bottle of the silver tonight. It works. I've been trying to perfect my marquarita recipe, and have concluded that I prefer Blancos.
                        Having just realized this, I have tried El Mayor, and Milagro. I prefer the El Mayor, but it is hard to pass up the 26.00 price on the Milagro. I will eventually move up, but I'm not sure to what. Probably Corazon (sp?)
                        I do know that I have found that juice of 2 limes, 1/2 an orange, 1tsp simple syrup, and an equal part of tequila, seems pretty good.
                        Actually, it's really good.
                        Do limes seem particularly bitter right now?

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                        1. re: Bobfrmia

                          I don´t know about the limes, but the Corazón Blanco is solidly my favorite blanco/silver/plata. And I agree that silvers make better Margaritas, but that may be because I grew up with Margaritas made with relatively sweet, mild mixtos, usually Jose Cuervo. But for drinking straight, Corazón is great. I don´t really care for some of the popular blancos that have a very strong "pepercorn" flavor, such as Herradura or Centenario (which I think would ruin a margarita). Corazón is very mild in this regard, and I believe it´s also a bit sweeter and smoother than most silvers. It´s definitely better than over-priced best-seller Patron silver. Haven´t tried the El Mayor or Milagro Silver - will have to...

                        2. I work for an upscale Mexi restaurant and was told Patron recently bought Milagro. IMO, Milagro silver is a great tequila. It leaves me with no headache and it has a great flavor when mixed with cointreau fora margarita. Here in GA, a 750ml bottle sells for only $21.99. Can't beat the price.

                          1. The original post is a bit old, and prices have gone up dramatically with the recent surge in "ultra-premium" brands, but it's a bit strange reading some of the comments... Price, being the red herring that is, isn't always the best indication of quality - whether priced too high or too low. What's wrong with trying it? Is it worth $26.99 to you? Personally, I really like their silver for the price - which is now ~$35 in MA. Personally, I don't find their reposado or añejo quite worth it.

                            1. I've only tried the silver and use it in margaritas. I think it works pretty well for that, at what for here in PA is a decent price, around $30, maybe a few bucks off on sale. There aren't too many choices for cheaper 100% agave tequilas here. I tend to rotate around but have since been given a second bottle of Milagro silver so I guess it will be stocked in my cabinet for quite some time.

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                                Yup. Margaritas are the final resting ground of my Milagro Silver bottles. Well... Unless you wanna get biological.

                              2. milagro 100% agave silver is $19.99 at trader joe's. like others mentioned, it makes a nice margarita (assuming, of course, that your particular margarita recipe does not include the words "margarita mix" or "sweet and sour").

                                $20 seems to be my upper spending limit on tequila for margaritas. any $ more than that and i should be able to sip and enjoy the tequila, as there are many good sipping tequilas starting at the $27-$30 range. so, given my $20 for margaritas rule, milagro works well.

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                                1. re: ceviche

                                  I am a huge fan of Milagro. This bottle is usually priced at $45.00 USD for the anejo. So they must have been doing a discount on the bottle to promote the brand. Also if you go to a discount store like trader joes, or sams the bottle will be cheaper than at a liquor store where they usually jack the prices up. Milagro anejo is great for shots or in a margarita. Don't let the price tag fool you. Good luck

                                  P.S. for those that think that all tequila is 100% agave this is a fallacy. Brands such as sueza and jose cuervo are not real tequila they are not made from blue agave. Many brands like jose cuervo are made from a mixure of agave and fillers. It isn't 100% blue agave unless it says so on the bottle or on the company's website. And is not concidered tequila unless it is 100% blue agave.

                                  1. re: megdaughtry

                                    Actually, all tequila isn't 100%agave.In order for it to be tequila: from the 5 states in the tequila region, must be at least 51% blue agave, and only blue agave is used in tequila making.Your right that only bottles that say 100% agave are 100% agave, if it doesn't say that it's called a mixto, usually classified as joven(young) or gold(oro).Cuervo gold has blue agave and other additives including food coloring, maybe sugar cane spirit.Cuercvo and Sauza are real tequila, but meant for making cocktails.

                                    I agree with you though, Milagro doesn't do to for me for the price, at all.

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                                      I recently visited Mexico and the locals there recommended it to us. They described the different types as: platos for mixing, making margaritas; and reposados for taking shots. I am not an expert on tequilas but after tasting several different brands I perferred the smooth finish of the milagro reposado over others. And it is true, you can't judge by the price of the bottle; much of it is about marketing.

                                2. I think Milagro's OK, but it's not a favorite. I find the flavor somewhat grassy and herbal, which isn't necessarily bad, but it seems a bit offbeat and atypical. As for what tequila's made from, my understanding is that it has to contain at least 51% blue agave (agave weberiana, if memory serves). And it must be produced in the correct geographical area in Mexico. They make distilled spirits similar to tequila from several plants related to blue agave, but they go by different names. One is Sotol, which is available in the US now. Raicilla is now being bottled commercially in Mexico and may eventually find its way up here. Bacanora is the third variant, and I know little about it.

                                  1. I'm not a veteran tequila drinker, but I have enjoyed a dozen or so, and I actually like the Milagro Repo a good bit. I've certainly had better, but it's frequently on sale around here for about $22 a bottle, which IMO is a pretty fair deal for what you get.

                                    1. FWIW, Espolon is in the same price range (a bit cheaper actually) and makes a better blanco than Milagro IMO. I was at a party a month ago and got to try some of the MIlagro Anejo and quite enjoyed it.