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Oct 22, 2006 09:43 PM

Milagro tequila

Anyone familiar with Milagro tequila? A liquor store in my area has the 750 ml. bottle of the anejo on sale currently for $26.99. That seems inexpensive, particularly for an anejo.

The store also stocks the Milagro silver, and reposado. It comes in an attractive bottle, and is labeled 100% de agave. Maybe, it's inexpensive for a reason.

Any opinions?

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  1. Here is my take on Milagro which I have posted previously.

    I often enjoy Milagro, but I am also deeply suspicious of it, and no longer buy it for myself. Whoever makes and markets this stuff certainly knows their business. First, I would guess that it is a US export label, unknown in Mexico, except in high traffic tourist areas and duty free shops. I don't think that it is associated with any particular tequileria. (there are about 65 tequilerias and 6500 brands) I admit that I could be wrong. Second, tequila is not like Scotch so I would not waste money on the single barrel marketing gimmick. The anejo barrels are sealed by the government. Third, I keep my open tequila in the freezer. In the past, part of the Milagro has frozen, indicating the presence of a significant amout of water as tequila has too much alcohol to freeze. No other tequila has ever done that. Finally, I am a cynic and their bottles are too cool to be real.

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      1. If I remember correctly, and I could be very wrong here, so bear with me, but I remember hearing that it didn't have the proper portions of agave in it and thus was closer to a tequila flavored gin conglomeration.

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        1. re: jpschust

          The bottle did say 100% de agave, so I don't believe it's a tequila flavored gin.

          By the spiffiness of the bottle, I'm beginning to think Milagro tequila may be some American backed anglicized marketing effort to pass off some non-descript tequila as something better. It's just a guess.

          As I said earlier, $26.99 for a 750 ml. bottle of an anejo 100% agave tequila seems suspiciously low.

          1. re: redchile

            It is tequila, not gin for sure... and I agree very suspicious 100% Anejo for 26.99.

            1. re: anejospirit

              Being "suspicious" of $27 anejo is a poor basis for evaluating a product. Would you be suspicious of $15 shiraz? Some of the best wines produced can be had for under $20 a bottle. I've tried all the Milagro offerings available in my area (silver, anejo, reposado) and find them to be a good value. By the way, the anejo goes for about $36 a bottle in my area. Not the best tequila by any stretch, but your not getting cheated either.

              1. re: anejospirit

                I was buying a private-label Anejo for $12 a fifth a year ago [Calle Azul] ...

          2. milagros is a "decent" example of an anejo. i paid $40 for a bottle of it about two weeks ago, so you are getting a bargain. it is a pretty smooth anejo with mellow flavors of vanilla and slight hint of oak. i am pretty sure that if it says 100% agave, then it should be. also, this is the furthest thing from gin.

            1. Just got back from Mexico where I tried Milagro at my hotel, a 5 star place. I found it to be good as did my co-worker who is very picky about his tequila. $26 is what they charged at the duty free shop in the Monterey airport.