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Oct 22, 2006 09:33 PM

El Meson lunch today

Took the kids to El Meson for lunch and was pleasantly
surprised to find some specials on the menu. Of course
I had to order one, so I chose the skirt steak and stuffed
poblano pepper combo.

The skirt steak was fine, as always, and you just can't
beat their black beans and rice that comes with every
entree. The pepper was mixed however. It was a nice, well
roasted and peeled poblano to be sure. It was stuffed with
lobster meat that had seen better days though. It was a
shame as the corn cream sauce over it was tasty. For what
they charged ( about $25 i think ) they should have used
fresher lobster.

Also, against my advice, both kids got the kids meal nachos.
$5 for 6 large chips covered in melted shredded cheddar - no

Sometimes I think I am too picky and that I tend to compare
apples and oranges, but at my ripe old age I am unlikely to
change. I just feel like I didn't get good value for my money

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    1. re: fpatrick

      El Meson is on the corner of Main & Throckmorton, in Freehold.

    2. I always order the chicken enchillada's when I eat here. Once I did order a special, but I was not pleased with it. It was a sort of shrimp dish in a spicy sauce, but the dish was overpowered with peppers and onions. There were very few shrimp and probably 2 whole green peppers and 1 whole onion. Not very tasty. I still love the place and it is my favorite Mexican restuarant, but I tend to always order the same meal each and every time!