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Oct 22, 2006 09:30 PM

Moassca's - worth the cab ride?

I'll be in Nola later this month - I will not have a car but I am considering taking a cab out to Mosca's one night (and giving up a dinner in the Quarter) - opinions as to whether it's worth it?

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  1. The best restaurant in New Orleans by far. They have the most unique, Creole-Italian, tastiest fare anywhere. But you need more than 2 people as they serve family style and you need to get the following:
    Start with the crab meat salad, then shrimp, oysters mosca, chicken-a-la-grande and an order of the spaghetti. Six people can do a good job on this. If you need transport, call Hotel Al at the Montelone. He has a big van, will take you, probably visit his sister, then pick you up. You really can't enjoy Mosca's as it should be enjoyed with just two people.

    1. I drive out to Mosca's ever year or two with a group of friends for good food in a uniquely New Orleans setting. We order everything mentioned above. But, if I were travelling to New Orleans and had to pay for the ride out there, it would not be high on my list.

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        I would have to agree...many, many great choices in NOLA proper without the long, expensive cab ride. Mosca's is a great place, but it is definitely best experienced with a group & your own transportation.

      2. The thing about Mosca's is the uniqueness of their food. There is no other place in New Orleans that even attempts to imitate them. Why come to this city to eat a little better rack of lamb or a good steak or blackened refish when you can get food that can get no where else in the US? Wait til you taste those dishes and then tell me that the cab ride was not worth it.

        1. Hey, I too love Mosca's and respect its position in our local cuisine pantheon. But, what, exactly, does Mosca's serve that can't be found elsewhere? Shrimp Mosca: various delicious versions of BBQ shrimp can be found all over town. Oysters Mosca: I can think of at least three or four good baked garlicky oyster dishes. Spaghetti & meatballs? Roasted chicken? Marinated crab salad?

          I think the best thing served at Mosca's are the little seeded italian rolls...

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            I can't believe anyone who has eaten at Mosca's would compare their shrimp to a bbq shrimp or their Oyster's Mosca to a baked garlicky oyster dish. Especially if you sould have called the Chicken a la Grande another roasted chicken dish. Just as the crab claws at Mandina's is unique, so are these. That would be like saying that a Muffaletta is just a diffenent Italian hogey from up north.

          2. A group of us-four men in our late sixties-who have lived in New Orleans all of our lives eat out every Tuesday as we have for ten years or so. We have eaten at almost all of the good reataurants several times, including Mosca's. IMHO Mosca's is not what it was. Hungry Celeste is right-there are a lot of places to get good Italian dishes without the drive. I believe the attraction now of Mosca's is the look on first time visitors when they see that a dump in the boonies can serve decent food and have have legendary status. That status was earned years ago. Try Eleven 79, Tommy's, Irene's, Sandro's Trattoria and save the cab fare.

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              Tell me something unique at Eleven 79 (which I think is probably one of the best Italian restaurants), Tommy's, or Irene's. The food is great but not unique. It is standard Italian food done great as we sould expect in New Orleans. I have taken many, many out-of-towners (New York to New Zealand) to Mosca's and everyone has the same comment-- great,unique food.