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Midtown Global Market - Minneapolis

Now that the Midtwon Global Market has been open for about 6 months, I am wondering how other chowhounds are feeling about it. I saw a lot of posting in the first couple months, but was wondering how other people are using it now. Is it what you expected? What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you wish was different?

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  1. The only think that I really liked about the market was that I could buy Georgia peaches at the produce stand. I got two pecks when they were in season, and they went fast. The food is so-so. Like international state fair food.

    1. I was *stunned* in the most beautiful way by the ceviches at La Sirena Gorda. I think I happened to be there when one of the owners was behind the counter; ironically, I was waiting for plantains and wings at the soul food place across the aisle!

      He lured me over with samples of the ceviches, which surprised me with their distinct personalities. They were vinegary, clean-tasting, a few spicy, some not, with seafood and chiles and onions and more. I recall loving the "pulpo" one the best -octopus with other goodies in it! We talked about the food, and these are folks who love their fish - I would highly, highly recommend a visit. I am already planning a little winter warm-up dinner with a selection of take-away ceviches and a vino verdhe if one can be found in January!

      1. The owner at La Sirena Gorda is quite a character, and will get you a taste of pretty much anything if you ask what its like.

        Last time, he offered me a sample of a couple of their specials. When I said, "I was thinking of getting the whole fried tilapia" his response was, "Now we're talking!!!"

        Their whole fried tilapia (the star of the MGMkt Chowdown) is one of the great treats of the market.

        1. i was enthusiastic at first but have not been there much lately - although there are nice food choices, i expected more dishes (not just little plates), and the sitting area is just bad - definitely does not make me want to hang out there.

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            Are you referring to the dishes and seating at La Sirena Gorda or the whole market?

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              i was refering to the seating in the market overall - cramped and mostly dark, that's how i remember it. I should give it another try... i like Danny's idea of sending everyone to a different stand instead of choosing as a group!

          2. I've never had a problem with seating at the market... The tables in the middle are a bit cramped, but there's a lot of action there. If you want a quieter place for a bigger group, the tables on the outskirts of the market are the way to go.

            I've found that the best way to enjoy the market is in a chowdown format. Here's the report from the original: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

            Since then, I've gone there with friends and family, and we took a similar approach - everybody went to a stand or two and brought things back for the table to share. Those have been some spectacular meals.

            1. I've been there four or five times since it opened, and I like the convenience and variety of the place.

              I love the variety of groceries, including United Noodles, Mexican, Holy Land, fish, goat Barbacoa, organic produce, and the best wild rice ever from the booth by the door. Plus, I can get lunch or a snack. (Thanks for the mention of La Serena Gorda - I tried their Fish Tinga last week - YUM!)

              This was the perfect place to shop for my last party, when I needed hummos, Mexican pop, Sriracha hot sauce, fresh fish, and some vegetables. If not for Midtown Global Market, I would have had to drive all over town.

              I'm hoping that the grocery aspect of the place will expand in the future. (I was also looking for organic chicken broth, but no luck.) I need more excuses to go back and try more of the food booths.


              1. A friend of mine described the market aspect of it pretty well - it's nice, but a little sterile. Still, it's nice to get a bunch of that stuff all in one place. I agree that the market needs to grow. And as it does, I'm sure it will grow some personality as well.

                La Serena Gorda - awesome breakfast!

                1. My boyfriend and I are Brooklyn based chow-ers who are frequently in the Twin Cities, and we stumbled upon MGM on Saturday. To be honest, it was pretty fantastic. To limit the greatness of the market by decrying the parking or lighting seems to greatly miss the point. It is really wonderful to see a smattering of small, locally run businesses there and those kind of establishments don't usually have the overhead for posh digs; hence the warehouse type feel.

                  As for the food, we had really fabulous al pastor sopes and horchata at Ocampo; I would return in a heartbeat to sample the other offerings.

                  Most of all, I was really excited to see a lot of people of all ethnicities there and a nice diversity of food available. I truly hope it does well and can't wait for my next visit back!