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Oct 22, 2006 07:57 PM

Searching for a Decent Knish

Hi folks.

Anybody have a good recommendation for a decently authentic knish (preferably kasha) in the Baltimore-DC metropolitan area? I ate at Yonah Schimmel's in the Lower East Side recently and there's no way I'm going to go back to the bready mess that sometimes passes for a knish now!


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  1. You may be asking for too much by 'calling' your knish. Good luck to you for finding any knish at all, anywhere, much less kasha which is probably the least popular. In fact, I bet you find an asiago/sun dried tomato knish first.

    The only thing I get at Celebrity Delly besides the chopped liver is a potato knish, and I think it's a good one. You might want to try Wagshall's which, after all these years, still provides for so many good things.

    1. Gooood luck. This query, like so many others, falls into the category of "don't look for one city's food specialties in another city---it only leads to frustration."

      Anyhow, Yonah Schimmels knishes are head and shoulders above most if not all others in NYC, let alone elsewhere (or at least they were 35-40 years ago--I can't say for sure about now).

      You might try getting to know pupusas, also a filled bread kinda thing and more typical of such that is available in the DC area, but I'm not aware of anything even remotely like a kasha one.

      Hmmm, a kasha pupusa, now there's fusion if ever I've heard of it.

      1. You might try Shalom Market, it's in a strip mall on University Blvd in Wheaton east of Georgia Ave. They have kashe & potatoe knishes plus nouveau spinach and broccoli ones. Not the same as Shimmels, but edible. Best I have found in the DC area and I HAVE SEARCHED. Make sure to warm them by baking and do NOT microwave them. Shalom is closed on Saturday.

        BTW the thought of a kasha pupusa is mind numbing.