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Oct 22, 2006 07:45 PM

Local Foodstuffs in Ottawa

Hi folks.

Planning a trip to Ottawa and was hoping a local Chowhound (or one that visits there frequently) would have some suggestions for "must-have" munching while there. Please, no recommendations for Tim Hortons or anything made primarily of maple syrup -- while these are scrumptious, I'm looking for something a little more authentically local than that.


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  1. You must check out Golden Palace for their egg rolls (discussed in an earlier thread). They are the best I have ever had, another favourite dish from there are the Garlic Chicken Balls, but I have never been disappointed there. It's on Carling near Woodroffe.

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      i 2nd their egg rolls!!! delishhhhh, and the lemon chicken is good too.

    2. Dinner at Beckta or Les Fougeres. Breakfast at SconeWitch. Croissants at the French Baker on Murray St. Chocolate truffles or cake from Stubbe's. Lunch and a pint at the Manx Pub. Chicken Schwarma from Marroush on Elgin. Browsing for Italian at La Bottega (Market) or Nicastros (Merivale). Coffee at Planet Coffee (Market) or Bridgehead (various locations around the city) or Morala (Glebe). Pizza at the Colonnade (Metcalfe) or Newport (Westboro - home of the Elvis Sighting Society). Burgers at The Works (various locations). Afternoon Tea at the Chateau Laurier. Smoked fish from the Chelsea Smokehouse. Local cheese at Ottawa Bagel Shop and Nicastro's (Wellington St. location). Depending on the timing, the Carp Farmer's Market (Saturday mornings 8-1, but only for one more week) or Ottawa Farmer's Market (Lansdowne Park - Sundays 8-4).

      1. If you like American/food court style Chinese food then go to the Golden Palace. I never understood why anyone thought it was worth a special trip, stick to Somerset W for good Chinese/Vietnamese food.
        I haven't lived in Ottawa in 12 years and miss the pizza from the Colonande.
        Domus in the market used to make their brunch from the various cookbooks on sale in the store and was a nice space.

        1. Sconewitch - scones, of course

          Kettleman's - "dessert bagels" (a horseshoe-shaped pastry with cream cheese filling)

          Le Boulanger Fran├žais - croissants, even better if you can get an almond croissant; or any of the sandwiches from the bistro in the back

          So Good - eggplants in black bean sauce, or anything pepper-salt

          Mayflower - fish 'n chips (my parents swear by it)

          Ashtar - hummus or falafel

          Middle East Bakery - pita with zaatar, or the sweet flatbread

          Di Rienzo - sandwiches, or focaccia

          Curries - dosas

          Ahora - Mexican food

          African Palace - Ethiopian food, try the vegetarian platter

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            Pure Gelato - gelato (duh) or waffles

          2. Shawarma palace, 460 rideau st......not the fanciest place, but the absolute best Lebanese food i have ever tasted!