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Oct 22, 2006 06:28 PM

Wine tasting (courses) in Toronto

Does anybody know of anywhere (bars etc) that run wine tasting/appreciation courses downtown? I know that LCBO do a course - anywhere else?


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      1. As a sommelier, I would recommend the Wine Fundamentals I course given by the International Sommelier Guild to you.

        At $500 it is somewhat expensive, but it is extremely informative and objective.

        In Toronto the courses are held at Liason College, which is right in clubland.

        Check out and click on "courses".

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          I agree with bogie and Davwud. The ISG Wine Fundamentals I and II offered by the ISG are worth it for people who are very interested in wine or very interested in moving up in the industry. By the second course your fellow students are all really keen so you get a lot done. It's also a great place to meet people who are up and coming mostly on the house side.

          The George Brown run course isn't bad, but if you are really serious check out the ISG. I found it more useful partially due to the fact that 3/4 were in the industry and motivated. When I went, GB was almost all people looking for a general interest course and not movtivated or able to do the readings that were required to push the program forward at a good clip. Another option is the Wine Trust stuff ( They were holding court at George Brown last I heard. Their courses would be of the same calibre as the ISG.

        2. I have never done a course but I have a friend in the restaurant business. He did a course that was very expensive and very thorough. He said it was incredible how much he learned. He said it wasn't for the average person but if you were big on wine or needed it for work, it's well worth the money.


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