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Oct 22, 2006 06:27 PM

Downhill alert (maybe)! Phil's pulled pork

As a fan of Phil's, I'm sad to say my last two visits have been disappointing. The beans, slaw and ribs are all still great, but I love pulled pork, and lately Phil's has been letting me down.

Twice now, I've been served pork that's essentially chopped. It *could've* been pulled -the texture's right; it's falling apart and willing to shred- but seems instead to have just been hacked at with a knife. Practically zero sauce too, although I'm fine with that since I know many people prefer pp that way.

Hope this isn't a harbinger.

And having said all this, I'm going down to the kitchen now to warm up the leftovers from last night. So I guess Phil's hasn't quite lost me yet ;)

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  1. As I understand it, the reason PP comes with sauce is the meat sits for a while and would otherwise dry out.
    When I do it at home I NEVER sauce it before hand. It's plenty moist and I can put as much or little sauce on as I want when I eat it.


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    1. re: Davwud

      Pulled pork should be sauced. The sauce just balances the smoke flavour. Pork Butt has lots of fat, and if smoked properly it is one of the most succulent pieces of meat out there. I pefer a Carolina cider vinegar sauce (There is also a mustard Carolina based sauce), Not sure which is Eastern, Southern, over tomato based (Memphis/Kansas City). Pulled Pork is fantastic sauced or not sauced regardless!

      1. re: thomasevan

        Completely disagree. I find that the sauce only serves to drown out the pork flavour. That said, perhaps what I should be saying is that "Over saucing" is not right.
        Either way, the best PP I've ever had did not come sauced.


    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. At any restaurant the food is only as good as the cook who made your dish that day. Definitely give them a couple more chances to make things right. But then I've never liked the pulled pork at Phil's, so you're not alone. :-)

      2. I know Phil's just shot for an episode of Food TV's Restaurant Makeover, which explains the new decor. I visited around a month ago and didn't notice anything different about the pork; only that the sauces were now served in irritatingly unsqueezable glass Ikea bottles. Can't wait to see which designer flakejob made that call.

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          RMO did a show on Stoney's last week. It was my old haunt. It's sad that some idiot like that could come in and imediately condemn some of the things that made it so special. I was almost crying watching them take the sledge hammer to it. Plus denegrate some of it's charm.

          So I imagine he went in to Phil's and looked at squeeze bottles, he probabl thought it was cheap and trashy. Beneath his standards.
          Perhaps he should take a tour of real southern bbq joints. You see squeeze bottles. Plastic red checker table cloths. Plastic cutlery. License plate, etc. on the walls. Neon signs everywhere. The list goes on and on. All of which would probably be nuked by this tool.