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Oct 22, 2006 05:32 PM

MSP-Cue at the Guthrie

Friday was my b-day and I asked my husband to celebrate by going out for a nice dinner at a place that we wouldn't go to on 'any given day'. I chose Cue b/c I really wanted it to be an experience. It was that.

The restaurant is so lovely and the service was fantastic. We started with a cheese plate and both had starters. My white lentil soup was delicious. My husband ordered the duck confit b/c of his fond memories from our honeymoon in Paris last year, and he was very happy with his choice. I went with the pork prime rib, on a rec from the server and I think the stribs Rick Nelson. It was fantastic. The server said the menu was 'new' and it was very traditionally fall cuisine based.

I can't say our budget would allow for returning regularly, but the 'bar' around the kitchen seems like it would be a great place to watch 'the action'.


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  1. Thanks for posting this- I've been wondering about the place
    for some time now, loved the sound of the menu when I've seen
    it but haven't eaten there yet. This encourages me to check it

    1. Keep your receipt - I was over charged by about 100$ and it took awhile to resolve - I've heard of others with similar problems.

      They had a few kinks when I visited a few months ago. Glad they are getting good reviews.

      1. Will double check our credit card statement. We were one of the unfortunate that were charged 6 times over for our meal at Stella's Fish Cafe this summer(insult to injury b/c the meal was aweful).

        1. Had dinner last night at Cue - it was surprisingly fantastic considering all of the so-so reviews that I had seen.

          But wait, maybe the food and service were so good because the Food Network was there taping.... Apparently, Minneapolis and both Portlands have been nominated as up and coming food cities for a future Food Network special and they were interviewing Lenny Russo and taping at Cue as an example of this. I hope no one told them about the other restaurant closings!

          With all the attention I don't think it is a fair review but my chickpea salad (beautifully paired with mint) and lemon-flavoured risotto (with golden raisins and pinenuts) were both excellent. Our service was perfectly timed and executed as well. What a great evening!