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Oct 22, 2006 05:24 PM

Hotel dining in CT

Husband and I are planning a short 1 night romantic getaway this coming weekend. Looking to stay somewhere in CT, and want a reasonably priced hotel ($150 or less per night) with a good restaurant, so we either can eat in the restaurant or get room service from it. I'd be interested to hear thoughts on Vivo at the Hartford Marriott and any other suggestions for hotels around the state with good restaurants.

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  1. The Mystic Marriott is actually located in Groton, but it's got a good restaurant called Octagon, a Red Door Spa and proximity to the shore, casinos, other interesting restaurants, etc.

    1. New Haven Hotel, George Street. Also has a fabulous pool area, with a huge heat therapy pool. I hear the restaurant is excellent. Never been, tho, too pricey for me!

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        We stayed in a suite at the New Haven Hotel last year. It's a bit old-fashioned, but we like its spaciousness and comfort. I didn't get much out of the pool, as it was open to guests from 7 to 10 PM only, days reserved for therapy patients from a nearby clinic.
        The restaurant was fine, just had breakfasts there, but with a wealth of ethnic dining nearby, on Crown Street and others, we had dinner elsewhere. I particularly recommend the Istanbul Cafe, on Crown St, near College St.

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          Yes, the pool hours are limited. The hotel was originally opened as a post-surgery therapy recovery hotel. When that failed, they rented the pool out. I used to swim there when I was a member of the now-closed Downtown Health and Racquet Club (Yale took over their space, what's new). The maintenance people say that the pools are super expensive to keep running and maintained properly, so they'll probably always have this setup.

      2. I had a wonderful lunch at the Water's Edge Resort recently. Very pretty setting, spa on premises. Madison/Guilford area I guess?

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          'Tis in Westbrook, Jane. Reknowned for $$$ Sunday brunches.

        2. New haven: The Omni. Quick access to Ibiza, TRoomba, Zinc, Union League cafe and many other options

          Copper Beach Inn: Quick Access to their own restaurant which is terrific and there new brasserie Pips. Also try Gabrielle's in centerbrook

          B&B option on shoreline: Captain Stannard House in Westbrook
          Quick Access to Pazzo, Cafe Routier, and handful of others

          Water's edge in westbrook is also outstanding but unless it's sunday brucnh I wouldn't dine there with all other choices available.

          Good luck

          1. Thanks for all your recs. We're definitely staying at the Hartford Downtown Marriott, so recs for Vuli (in particular), the hotel restaurant, plus Trumbull Kitchen, Max Downtown, and any other nearby good restaurants are greatly appreciated!