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Need a Whole Pig - Atlanta area

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We are planning a pig roast for this thanksgiving but don't have a local source for the pig. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Try the Porky Pig Market in the Auburn Market downtown. They sell whole pigs and they have several sizes available. You may need to order in advance so I would talk to them soon.

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      Liz, speaking of the Auburn market, do you know where the Italian market moved, once at Sweet Auburn?

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        Yes, Salumeria Taggiasca is not re-located as far as I know, but some of their products are supposedly avaiable at Via Elisa on Howell Mill. I haven't been so someone else may be able to comment more accurately on this.

    2. LizATL is right about Via Elisa. One of the Salumeria owners rents a small cheese and charcuterie booth at Via Elisa. The selection is very well chosen.

      1. Via Elisa is so small. Where is there a "booth"?

        1. If you want to go super gourmet and buy straight from a farm versus a retail outlet call/email Riverview Farms. They supply to many of the high end local area restaurants (Bacchanalia). You will NOT be disappointed, I promise. Let them know what you're planning, they have a good selection of vegetables that they would be happy to box up for you as well. Heck, if you buy a whole pig try to negotiate some free veggies!

          This website is all you need, it has all their contact info.