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Oct 22, 2006 05:21 PM

What's Up with Bobak's Naperville?

For about a week, the Naperville Bobak's Sausage store has had a cloth sign reading Frank "B" covering every outdoor sign where "Bobak's" appears. Inside the store is a disclaimer that says Frank B's is not affiliated with Bobak's Sausage. When I asked a deli person, she said it's still the same owner. Otherwise, everything seems to be same: weekly food ad in the Tribune still shows Naperville store as "Bobak's", food products haven't changed.

We ate dinner in their buffet restaurant Saturday, Oct. 14, and I noted that the food selection was not as extensive as it used to be: mostly pork and chicken dishes, no veal stew, no oxtails.

Does anyone know what's going on at the Naperville store or other Bobak's locations?

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  1. I talked to a friend who works in the Bobak's Signature Events group. No hard info, but rumors abound of a family split, where one family member owns the Bobak's name and the Chicago store, another owns the Burr Ridge and Naperville stores, and the future of the Signature Events group is undecided.

    I just checked the Bobak's website ( ), and all mention of the Burr Ridge and Naperville stores has been removed. So something is definitely up...

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      Signature Event group is only related by family name to Bobak s sausage company, not as a business group. Signature Events is the banquet facility not to be confussed with Bobaks sausage company. And the posters question below about "Frank", he is the original creator of Bobak sausage.

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        As I mentioned, the person I know there wasn't sure about much of anything last week, except that there was a family split. She did mention a couple days ago that nothing would change where she worked, but that something would be happening with the Signature Room in the Hancock building.

        Since you seem to know what is going on, can you elaborate? Bobak's is a Chicago-area institution, and a lot of people here would like to know how the family split will affect the stores in Chicago, Burr Ridge, and Naperville. (I'm intentionally leaving out the Orland Park store since it never had the "Bobak's Sausage Company" name on the door.)

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          The Naperville Sun had a detailed article about the split. You can search the Naperville Sun wbsite... here is the link.

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            I guess to sum it up the Naperville Sun had said it pretty well.

            The thing about Signiture Events... it is in no way related to the Signiture Room in the Hancock, the woodridge location was bought from the same owners that own the Signiture Room downtown, they have gone through great lengths to distinguish themselves in their own right. Bobak's Signature Events is the name of the newly owned Banquet facility that is in Seven Bridges, which was once owned by the same people that own The Signature Room.

            Good Luck to everyone involved in the Sausage dispute hope it works out well.

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        1. Interesting. There's now a web site with the address of the Orland store. But still no mention of Burr Ridge or Naperville.

          1. I heard it will be the same products, just different name so that all the stores, Orland Park, Burr Ridge and Naperville will be named the same. I also heard it is all the same owners.

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