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Oct 22, 2006 04:22 PM

Mexico City: El Bajio - hours and location

El Bajio sounds great and I hope to dine there while in MC in a few weeks.

The address is Av. Cuitlahuac 2709.
I have seen that the closest metro is Cuitlahuac.
Does anyone know how close?

Also hoped to learn the hours they are open.

- Thank you

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  1. It is not so close to the metro; about 8 or 10 blocks I think...take a taxi. It is only open for comida, which means closes around 6 or 7. The new branch, in a modern new mall called Parque Delta has the same hours.
    Tel is 5541-9889

      1. Thank you for the web site and information.

        Where is the Parque Delta mall?

        1. A few pictures of our breakfast at El Bajío, around Christmas, 2005.

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            Senor Anonimo, glad to see you finally found Chowhound. Welcome aboard and be sure to read the archives, you'll find some interesting old thread ;-)

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              The pictures are great, thanks.

            2. I went to the El Bajio location in Condesa--amazing! I HIGHLY recommend the chiles en nogada, if they are in season. So tasty!

              The restaurant wasn't super close to the Metro, but we got there pretty easily with a very short bus ride and a short walk.

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                I didn't know that El Bajío had a Condesa location. The nearest one I know of to Condesa is at Parque Delta mall, Colonia Navarte. (Av Cuahtemoc 462, esq Viaducto.)