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Tea Bars/Shops

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Can anyone recommend some places where there is good tea? I've been to Teany, Subtle Tea, and Tavalon. I'm just looking for places that have a causual tea, not those fancy afternoon teas in hotels. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like Sympathy for the Kettle on St. Mark's. It's super cute.

    1. How about Tea Spot near Washington Square Park...


      1. Itoen Japanese - they are located near the park, but also sell thier tea at Wholefoods and numerous other higher end shops in the city. Itoen is a Japanese restaurant, but one can go in for an amazing pot of tea and a sweet )not have to eat there) however the foos is very good.

        1. Check out Casablanca on Mercer (Houston/Prince). The service is dreadful, but the place has a nice feel to it and they have a wide selection of teas.

          1. wild lily tea room in chelsea.

            it's going to be closing in december and it's one of my favorite spots. :(


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              Sorry to hear of this closing--loved that place. Why are they closing---rent too high as usual?

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                Not good news. Wild Lily has long been a nice refuge from the city.

              2. Cha-an tea house upstairs on E 9th between 2nd/3rd. Get oolong and have them explain the process of decanting, sniffing and tasting if you haven't ever done that. Lots of other good stuff too, nice savory and sweet snacks.

                1. If you're going to be uptown, the Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Museum is a gorgeous tea spot, with the best cakes in town. It's not snooty, like a hotel tea-room, but old-world elegant.

                  - Sean