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Oct 22, 2006 03:55 PM

best tasting menu in South Bay?

I will be visiting Palo Alto area and looking for recommendations for the best tasting menu on a Monday night, preferably South Bay as my guests would prefer to avoid driving into San Fran; any suggestions? Manresa is unfortunately closed Mondays. TIA!

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  1. i'm not sure if i heard it here or not but restaurant james randall in los gatos got decent reviews. $35 tasting menu Sun-Thur. 3 courses I believe.

    otherwise if you're a fan of japanese food make reservations at and head up to menlo park for kaygetsu for their kaiseki dinner

    1. Here's a recent review on Restaurant James Randall:

      Too bad that Chez TJ in Mountain View is also closed on Mon.

      While I haven't been, I've read solid things about the seasonal tasting menu at 71 Saint Peter in downtown San Jose. It's also a bargain at $32pp and other bonus is that the whole table doesn't have to order it (**I think but not 100% sure**).

      From their website:

      CH report:

      Please report back on where you end up!

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        Thanks for all the suggestions! Will let you know.

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          The date was moved to Tuesday, so we were able to go to Manresa. Enjoyed the tasting menu, very creative. The beef and fish courses could have been a bit more tender but that's really just a minor quibble. About 16 small courses if you include the amuses and desserts. Thanks for everybody's suggestions, will have to try those next time!

        2. Thanks for reporting back! Once you've been to Manresa, it doesn't seem like there's another tasting menu in the South Bay worth trying next time (that won't pale in comparison).

          However, I know Chez TJ in Mountain View has a tasting menu that's actually more $ than Manresa and that seems just as worthy (plus I think the atmosphere is a little more romantic than Manresa's). I've been thinking of going for some time now but I'm unsure and I never see any reports here on CH. The Merc just did a glowing review: