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Oct 22, 2006 03:19 PM

Ruth's Chris Steak House

I've been to Ruth's Chris Steak House a couple of times....found it pricy, but not extraordinary....I give it a B-

What's your vibe on the place?

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  1. Our local one (Richmond, VA) is overrated. I have never had a steak there that wasn't overcooked. If I'm wanting the steakhouse experience I'll go to Flemings over RC everytime.

    1. not a fan. there are now so many other steak houses, local & chains that are far better.

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        Gotta say, ya'll have the same opinion I have. Bean counters have prevailed - don't think I'll be back. Expense account business likely their mainstay.

      2. I was once an RCS fan.

        Sadly, Ruth is dead and her steakhouses generally aren't what they once were, 20 or 25 years ago.

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          1. I went there about a month ago for my 23rd birthday and the whole thing was "blah" I ordered a porterhouse steak rare and it was cooked to medium because I let it sit in the sizzling butter for too long. I was afraid that If I cut into as soon as I got it, all the juices would run out. Perhaps it's my fault for waiting too long or perhaps it's their fault for serving the steak "still cooking".

            sides were onion rings and they were awesome. Unfortunately my boyfriend ordered the filet mignon and got the grisly end of the steak. I figured since he ordered his medium, they thought they could get away by serving him a crappier piece. He asked for another steak instead and got that free of charge of course and he still wasn't satisfied - can't remember why though.

            so all in all the service was great, but the food really wasn't that great. It seems to be more pricer than the steak places in my area (boston) and I would rather go to them than go to ruth & chris' anytime.

            like waterboy I too would give them a B-