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Ruth's Chris Steak House

I've been to Ruth's Chris Steak House a couple of times....found it pricy, but not extraordinary....I give it a B-

What's your vibe on the place?

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  1. Our local one (Richmond, VA) is overrated. I have never had a steak there that wasn't overcooked. If I'm wanting the steakhouse experience I'll go to Flemings over RC everytime.

    1. not a fan. there are now so many other steak houses, local & chains that are far better.

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        Gotta say, ya'll have the same opinion I have. Bean counters have prevailed - don't think I'll be back. Expense account business likely their mainstay.

      2. I was once an RCS fan.

        Sadly, Ruth is dead and her steakhouses generally aren't what they once were, 20 or 25 years ago.

        1. I went there about a month ago for my 23rd birthday and the whole thing was "blah" I ordered a porterhouse steak rare and it was cooked to medium because I let it sit in the sizzling butter for too long. I was afraid that If I cut into as soon as I got it, all the juices would run out. Perhaps it's my fault for waiting too long or perhaps it's their fault for serving the steak "still cooking".

          sides were onion rings and they were awesome. Unfortunately my boyfriend ordered the filet mignon and got the grisly end of the steak. I figured since he ordered his medium, they thought they could get away by serving him a crappier piece. He asked for another steak instead and got that free of charge of course and he still wasn't satisfied - can't remember why though.

          so all in all the service was great, but the food really wasn't that great. It seems to be more pricer than the steak places in my area (boston) and I would rather go to them than go to ruth & chris' anytime.

          like waterboy I too would give them a B-

          1. I don't like the vibe I get from Ruth's Chris.

            I don't like butter on my steaks. Period.

            1. Haven't been in about 18 months (Beverly Hills CA location) but unlike ALL of the previous responses in this thread, our food and service were EXCELLENT. My large NY cooked rare was perfect and GF said that her filet was really good. Service was friendly and professional.

              The last time that I went to Ruth's Chris I had had a really stressful and BAD day. I had not planned on going out to an expensive restaurant, I was wearing 501's, a t-shirt and hiking boots. When we were greeteg by the hostess and I sort of apologized about my dress she was really sweet and the whole staff made us feel right at home!!!

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                I had dinner at the Beverly Hills Ruth's Chris last night -- it was my first time at a Ruth's Chris and I was pretty pleased with both the meal and service.

                The highlights were the "Ruth's Chopped Salad" and my NY Steak, which was cooked perfectly -- I ordered it medium, and they brought it out medium rare, but with the sizzling plate it ended up being perfect for my taste (nicely rosy inside but heated through and not raw nor overcooked -- My brother and I both like our steak cooked the same way -- pretty much what used to be known as medium rare but with the increasing preference for rareness by chefs, has moved closer to the "medium" spectrum, but definitely pink inside and they achieved this perfectly). The mashed potatoes and creamed spinach were good as well, although next time I'd skip the "au gratin" potatoes, which came topped with cheddar cheese.

                Service was great, as well.

                I didn't see the bill but can only guess that it was pricey. If I was paying the tab myself I might feel differently but everyone in our party very much enjoyed their food and had a nice time.

              2. I've been twice. I really liked the food...had the porterhouse for 2 or whatever that steak dish for two is....both times...fantastic.....service was great...this was the Portland location

                1. My favorite thing there is just to get an appetizer and a drink. They are one of the only chains left making stiff drinks.

                  1. Ruth's Chris sucks... I would only eat there in a town with really bad food... perhaps Indianapolis (sorry Indy).

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                      A) there is better steak in Indianapolis (St. Elmo's comes to mind) and b) there is good food in Indianapolis (Elements for example)

                    2. I eat at the Ruth's in Atlanta and find it excellent. The food is cooked perfectly and the portions are huge. The service is always inpeccable and I always feel welcomed.

                      1. I was pleased with every aspect of my meal (ordered the New York Steak au poivre medium rare, and it arrived more on the rare side than the medium side, which is fine by me) except for the price, which seemed about $10 too pricey for me.

                        1. I never went there but I looked at a menu once. Thought it was ridiculously overpriced. This was in Portland, and the idea of someone choosing Ruth's Chris over the RingSide is preposterous. I'm guessing they made all their money from out-of-towners who didn't know about the RingSide or dittoheads who heard them advertised by Rush and didn't know any better.

                          1. Oh, man- I tried going to Ruth's Chris last night in Walnut Creek, CA. It was my honey's birthday, and he wanted to go to a steak house. The restaurant was his choice. I had heard that it was pricey, but decent. We mae a reservation many days in advance for 8:00 PM on a Thursday. WHen we arrive, our table is not ready. They invite us to hang out in the lounge for "a few minutes". People in the lounge are buying drinks and snacks. Its obvious that there are many people in our same predicament. at 8:15, after being totally left to our own devices, we go back to the front of the restaurant and ask the host again. "i'm sorry, it will still be a few minutes". "how many? are we talking 5, 10, 30?" "ten, maybe... [and i'm gving him a very pissed off look], "fifteen?" looking sheepish.

                            At this point, I figure that a reservation at R.C is a bunch of bunk- they still make you wait, in hopes that you'll blow $30 at the bar before blowing $50 a person for dinner. I suspect that the fact that you have a "reservation" lulls you into accepting that you have to wait so long to get seated.

                            The place is impersonal and stinks of franchise. they dont care about giving you a special dining experience- they want you to fork over lots of money in exchange for the privilege of eating at a place that will make your yuppie friends think that you have class. The only reason why I will pay for more than $20 an entree is if the service makes me feel special. I get better service at Sizzler than I did at RC.

                            Needless to say, we left.

                            1. We recently reloacted to Raleigh NC from the DC area. As part of our move, my parents have helped us out with lots of house projects and chores. To thank them, we took them to dinner at the RC's in Cary NC a couple of weeks ago and had an overall very good meal.

                              I started with a Mango-Strawberry Mojito that was SOOOOO good. For an appetizer, my mom and I shared a mozzarella caprese salad. I also ordered a house salad for my salad course - they have a good ranch dressing.

                              We all had steaks - and some added lobster tails. I had the filet and it was cooked perfectly when it arrived but as I ate it, it became more done from the heat of the plate and by the time I got to the end of the steak, what was left was well done. Yuck!

                              our sides included the creamed spinach (I didn't have any), potatoes au gratin (AWESOME) and onion rings that were downright nasty. I think the grease they were fried in was old.

                              The best part of the meal was dessert. I ordered the white chocolate banana cream pie expecting a nice slice of pie. Instead, I got a beautiful individual pie that was to die for good. The top of the pie was covered in sliced bananas that had been bruleed with a crisp sugar crust. Incredible.

                              I may go back for dessert only some time!

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                                The first time I went to R.C I really enjoyed it, everything was to my liking aside from the price. However, last time I went I really thought this place was overrated. The steak is in too much butter and is almost sickening to eat, the cut of steak is good but almost too fatty maybe it was the steak I ordered in particular. The mashed potatoes were also too rich, way too much butter and really soggy. I really enjoyed my dessert there, I had the bread pudding and it was great. I believe there are items to order that are probably really good and I still like the lobster bisque and dessert but I will always steer clear of the steaks here.