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Oct 22, 2006 03:09 PM

cape cod honeymoon

will be visiting the cape during the off season ( nov 5- 9 ). This will be my first time there...after some research, I have made resevations at Red Phesant and Abba for dinner. Looking for help for a couple of great choices for lunch-definitely looking for the whole lobster roll experience at least one day-and another killer choice for dinner...I'm a chef, but ambience, staff, and history of a place add alot to it- the whole dining experience..I'll be staying in Orleans with my wife, but plan on driving around during the visit to see the area....and help would be greatly appreciated-Thanks.

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  1. Congratulations! I recommend the Friendly Fisherman in Eastham for your lobster roll, but I'm not sure if they are open in November. If not, Sir Cricket in Orleans is your best bet. They are both VERY casual, but definitely the best roll you will get in these parts.

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      thanks jillian-I think the friendly fisherman is going to be closed-that's the one I've heard so much about

    2. "I'm a chef, but ambience, staff, and history of a place add alot to it- the whole dining experience.."

      Then I would suggest you try a leisurely ride down Route 6A heading toward Dennis/Brewster. My first rec is the Brewster Fish House. Simple, fresh, delicious preperation. No reservations, but not a problem in November (generally), especially at lunch. The room's as clean and simple and small (!) as the menu.... Further down the road, and DO go further down the road even if you don't need to eat. But, if your planning for the Red Pheasant in Dennis you should have an enjoyable evening. Thoughtful preperation with emphasis on game and local seafood in an antique Inn setting in one of the nicer villages on the Cape. After dinner, take a drive to Corporation Beach and remind each other why you got married in the first place!

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        thank you cape cod guy....looking foward to corporation beach..
        my future in-laws actually told me I had to go to the Red Phesant-They have been going there for 20 plus years and have many many great stories...all the reviews have been so great ..can't wait! Thanks for the tip on the Brewster fish house- will definitely check it out for lunch.

        1. re: chef mark

          Abbicci Restaurant
          43 Main St
          Yarmouth MA
          (508) 362-3501
          i'm a chef as well. this place is charming provencale mixed with cape cod ;lovely, comfortable, exc food.we've had brunch twice and lunch. french and italian leaning; no asian or fusion influences as i's located on one of the lovelier stretches of rt. 6a (prettiest and most historic road on the cape- the old 'king's highway'. heard great things about abba; nice menu isn't it? definitely would urge you NOT to go to a famous Brewster restnt called Chillingsworth.The chef/owner was on the night we were there but i think it's way past its prime. very very disappointing. bet it would be good for brunch or lunch.attractive place and grounds.

          above is a site you might benefit from.
          highly recommend you visit nickerson state park in brewster and drive the length of rt.6a, and walk the dunes in p'town and see the national seashore in eastham. if it's still open, heritage plantation in sandwich is a fascinating place with beautiful grounds. bring layers of jackets for beach walks.
          hope you have a lovely time.

      2. I do love Ocean House in D'Port. Also concur on Abba and Brewster Fish House. RP has had spotty reviews. It is also so darn cold in there. FF is closed now, sad to say. Seagrille in Harwichport is wonderful or used to be...

        1. I might throw in a rec for the Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet for brunch/lunch or a casual dinner. It has a slightly "rough-around-the-edges" feel in an arty kind of way. Food is interesting and fairly refined without trying too hard, using lots of local and organic ingredients.

          1. I second Ocean House. And, for a fun lunch try Land Ho! in Orleans. The Kale Soup is a must try. And, the specials on the board are always great. We always sit at the bar. Happy honeymoon! The Cape off season is really a super take.