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Oct 22, 2006 01:51 PM

napa restaurants with decent portions-please review my choices

We are going to Napa in 2 weeks. My choices so far are: Terra, martini House, Cindy's backstreet Kitchen, Rutherford Grill, Bistro Jeanty,Hurleys. We enjoy well prepared dishes but dislike small portions. For example,I would consider a 6 to 8 ounce New York strip costing $30 or more a ripoff. Similarly,I enjoy well prepared fish but if its 6 ounces or less I will be unhappy regardles of how good it is. I'm Ok with a 10-12 ounce steak or 8-10 ounce fish.Obviuosly, I do not enjoy expensive tasting menus. Thanks.

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  1. i highly recommend bistro jeanty. it is my favorite restaurant in napa. and to your concern, the portions are not small and i believe everything on their menu is under $30. the only thing i would not get is their pasta of the day since i've always been disappointed by them. i highly recommend the tomato soup in puff pastry and the pork belly over lentils and the coq au vin with a side of their buttered egg noodles. also the food their is really rich so i doubt you will leave feeling hungry.

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    1. We were in Napa Valley last week. Thought Cindy's was mediocre, but enjoyed Zinsvalley in Napa. Hidden in a strip mall on Brown's Valley road, was a breath of fresh air. Good, reasonably priced food, NO corkage. A real down home place among the phoney spots. Excellent American Kobe beef steak. Good calamari frites. Caesar salad a disappointment.

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        What did you find mediocre at Cindy's? I really enjoyed my meal there and would like to know if there are any dishes worth avoiding.

      2. Well, I guess you're going to get some conflicting advice...

        I thought Bistro Jeanty was dreadful, I loved Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, I really liked Market Restaurant (though I need to go again before I render a complete verdict), and I thought Bistro Don Giovanni was fine, though not necessarily worth a visit. In a visit a year ago, I loved Bouchon and would definitely recommend it over Bistro Jeanty if you are looking for a French Bistro. I think that Cindy's delivered in the price:portion size:quality ratio.

        I highly recommend a visit to Round Pond Olive Oil.

        Anyway, here are my reports to elaborate:




        Round Pond (and other olive oil):

        Bouchon (one year old):

        1. I prefer Mustard's Grill to Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, and the portions are ENORMOUS! Don't miss the pork chop with mustard sauce and the lemon-lime meringue pie. Makes me hungry just thinking about it....

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            We were in Napa this summer and ate at Mustard's and Cindy's. I think they have the same owner as the menus were very similiar. Both were great, and excellent value. A real standout for lunch after a long walk was Taylor's Automatic Refresher. I adored the Ahi Tuna Burger with the asian coleslaw. Messy, but delicious and very fresh.

          2. My husband and I got married in May and held our tiny, tiny (14 people) wedding "reception" at Celadon, a locals' favorite in downtown Napa. They serve what they call "global comfort food" and it's oh-so-good.

            On the two occasions we dined there before choosing it for our wedding meal we were seated next to chefs from other Napa restaurants who were dining there with their families.

            The service is wonderful and the wine list is a good value. They offer a "buy a bottle, free corkage on a bottle", which was a money-saver at our wedding.

            We feel we really found a hidden gem. Perhaps I shouldn't tell you about it? ;-) Don't tell anyone else!