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Oct 22, 2006 01:41 PM

Best Burgers & Fries: Mondo Frites or LaParyse??

Visiting Montreal again. I've tried Mondo Frites and loved their frites (and burgers). Couldn't try LaParyse as they were closed. I've read that LaParyse has the absolute best frites. Do they serve dipping sauces for the frites? How are their burgers?
Chowhounds...weigh in!

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  1. I hope we don't have to comment on or recommend only on the two mentioned.
    I like the burger/fries at Le Vieux Dublin on 1219A University downtown (just below St. Catherine). For me, it's the best burger. La Paryse, good, a bit soggy with gooey toppings. Overall not totally impressed; I do have friends that like it. Mondo Frites was good enough when I was there a year or so ago.

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      I didnt like la Paryse burgers that much either...their speciality is defffinitly the fried egg sandwhich...absolutly delicious! No one has mentioned the burgers at Les folies on Mout-Royal (right in front of the metro). its the Juiciest burger ive ever eaten in montreal. and you get a huge plate of fries and salad for 10 $ and the atmosphere is great, theres usually a live DJ on fridays or saturdays. . .

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        Ugh. Just tried Les Folies across the street from Mt. Royal metro and was sorely disappointed. Tried to order my burger medium-rare, but the kitchen refused. The result was dry, overcooked, and while they seemed to be using decent meat with hand-pressed patties, it was way too lean to be used in a burger. "Belgian" frites were undercooked, limp and greasy - would have been acceptable for Quebec style fries, but they served these with mayo, meaning they should have been stiff as toothpicks. Salad was standard mesclun mix with a few extra veg added, but the dressing had no flavour. Prices were high for what you get. Service was friendly but slow and inattentive. Will not go back - have no idea why anyone would recommend this place for their burgers. If what you're after is good meat, stick with Mister Steer or Dilallo's.

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        I second that the burgers at Le Vieux Dublin are fantastic; I rate them better than both La Paryse and Mondo Frites. Sadly, their kitchen closes at 9pm during the week, and isn't open on Sundays.

      3. I went to La Paryse b/c I heard it had the best hamburger in Montreal, but was disappointed. The burgers were just okay and the frites were not crisp. I've subsequently been told I should have tried their signature burger (which has cream cheese as a topping), but I'm not sure that would have helped. The other's I've tried haven't knocked me out either: Mr. Steer (more of a meat ball on a bun) and Patati Patata (cheap, tiny burgers loved by students). I think my next try will be MeatMarket: and Old Dublin, thanks to morebubbles!

        Also, there was a recent thread on this board regarding burgers:

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          I still feel that Mr. Steer could be the best burger in Montreal, despite some negative comments here & other places. Their burgers are excellent, however occasionally I've gotten mediocre burgers from them(I don't know what's going on there).

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            I've been a big fan of the MeatMarket burgers since I first tried their swiss miss burger a few months ago, since then they've added a blue cheese number which is incredible as well as a goat cheese burger which I've only recently heard of but haven't had a chance to try. My friends tell me it's a killer as well! I had never been to La Paryse before I read this article ( I wanted to see for myself. I wasn't dissapointed but I still think that MeatMarket's offerings are a few notches above the cut. So for a sure bet check out montreal's MeatMarket!

          2. I have to admit my best burger has to be the Dilalo special from Dilalo on St-Antoine (not the one in LaSalle, they're not good). Cheap my friend! And so good... If you decide to try it out, it's the one with cheese and capicolo. I love their fries too.

            1. We've basically only talked about the best burgers on this thread. Where are the best fries in MTL?

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                The original Frite Alors! franchise on Park Ave. on a good day. Excellent potatoes, cut the right size, double-fried in beef (and maybe horse) tallow to crunchy/crispy perfection, and served with harissa-spiked mayo (other flavours available). What more can ask for?

                My feeling about the best burger in Montreal is that there is none.

              2. Best fries: Chien Chaud Victoire on Beaver Hall Hill. It's an old and old-fashioned place on the street level of a building (from the inside you'd swear you're in a shack) just below La Gauchetiere (east side). You often see huge line ups at lunch. Great hot dogs, but most importantly - amazing fries! Thick cut, skin on, made from 'real' potatoes (not frozen etc) served in the ever-stylish paper bag (whether you're eating it there or taking it out). They are so good. Recommend you check them out. It's not a full service place; you line up, order your food, pay, get food and grab a table. Hope it doesn't close any time soon, not too many places like that left in Montreal unfortunately.