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Oct 22, 2006 12:34 PM

Somewhere nice for weekend lunch/brunch outside of city?

Looking for a nice place with private room or area for small group of 6 that does Saturday and/or Sunday lunch or brunch on Main Line, Manayunk, Conshie, Delaware County, or not too far away.

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  1. I would recommend Arpeggio in Springhouse. It is a great Mediterranean BYO with a nice atmosphere. Great wood fired pizzas, good salads and sandwiches. No brunch menu but they offer lunch both Saturday an Sunday. They have a small private-ish area in the back.

    If you are looking for Sunday brunch, the Drafting Room in Springhouse has a nice buffet (plus a private dining area). I also heard Agave in Ambler has a good Sunday brunch, plus they have a downstairs dining area which is semi-private.

    1. Two I like are in Chestnut Hill: Creshem Cottage and CinCin. Great menus.

      1. fish tank on main (manayunk main st) is my favorite quiet brunching place. let the masses pack into le bus down the street and eat crap while you enjoy a carefully crafted fritatta and rich soups. only downside is its BYO and i do like a mimosa with my eggs... ah well.

        no private room @ fish tank but you won't need one. it is never terribly crowded (the le bus curse).


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            really???!!! nooooo! i used to stop by all the time on sundays biking from conshy to center city. since moving to northern libs in august i haven't made it out to manayunk much.

            do you know if it moved or anything, or just plain old shut down? that's a shame.

            1. re: rabidog

              Don't know if it has moved. It is no longer at the Manayunk location. BTW, was wondering why you considered byob a drawback. Now that you say you were biking, it makes sense.

              1. re: JanR

                The Radnor Hotel has a very nice brunch on Sundays. It's right off of 476 at the Route 30 exit.

                1. re: JanR

                  you're right on that count, biking... but still - BYO is still a foreign concept to me, hailing from the DC area where i'd never seen a BYO before! i can't tell you how many times i've walked into a place not realizing it was a BYO. frankly i'd rather pay the non-BYO prices than be blindsided with a wineless meal, but maybe it is just a matter of getting to know which restaurants i need to plan ahead for.

                  1. re: rabidog

                    Once you get used to it you will love it.