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Oct 22, 2006 11:27 AM

Open Range

I have seen a few mentions of a place called Open Range. What is it and does anyone recommend it?

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  1. It's the Ennest's new steakhouse. Reviews have been glowing but I've not yet eaten there. It replaced their underperforming Piato on Edmonton Trail next to Big Fish.

    1. I ate here last weekend - and the atmosphere hasnt changed that much since it was Piato (other than being a bit busier). It's a really nice space, now done up "urban/faux cowboy" style.

      As John mentioned, it is the Ennest's new steakhouse. More like their take on a CRMR restaurant - copious amounts of game, and meat. The prices seem pretty reasonable, but everything is pretty much a la carte (you do get a little starch and veg with each entree) so it isnt quite as reasonable as it seems. The food was good, but not exceptional. The meat was well cooked, and everything about it said "pretty good". I'd go back, but don't expect anything exceptional.

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        Thanks guys. I'll report back if I check it out.

      2. We went there (Dec 20th 2006) for dinner. It was good, nothing to rave about. Entrees were $25-30. I had the lamb chops with a pecan demi-glace sauce, which was fine. I mean, I know I can make this at home. Dessert was bang-on though -- chocolate pot de creme with port-soaked cherries, better than I could have made it. Service was really very good but the place was not full.

        I have to say that my experience (food-wise) was much better at Big Fish.

        1. Must agree with the other reports: just OK

          It was completely deserted last night (the ghost town feeling did not add to the cowboy ambience). Corn fritter appetizer had a nice texture but two issues: it took 30 minutes because the "heat wasn't on" (I odn't know what that meant) and the accompanying sauce was disgusting. A purported honey dip tasted like a horror applesauce: not sweet, not salty, not tangy, just slippery and slimy.

          My burger was quite good: bison with double smoked bacon and jalapeno but the fries were obviously reheated from earlier. Disgusting. And it was supposed to come with some sort of cheddar biscuit, which did not materialize. My husband wasn't thrilled with his ribeye, the seasoning was fine, but tough, according to him.

          Perhaps this restaurant will go the way of Piato.

          1. I really think they should reno the building more. The windows are all but nonexistent and the place looks completely unwelcoming from the outside, like a funeral home.

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            1. re: John Manzo

              I think they need to bury the concept - uninspired North American food with "tired" ingredients and rote preparation is on the way out. Ethnicity is on the way in!!

              And yes, i am getting tired of seeing "elk, bison, buffalo" and other game meats everywhere. It was exciting 8 years ago, but these days, just using them isnt interesting enough. Do something other than basic braising, roasting, or pan frying please!

              1. re: John Manzo

                To be fair, even funeral homes invest more in their buildings! They always have a pristine little flowerbed somewhere. The indoor decor is also really lacking. It has such a slapdash garage sale quality to it that you feel like a sucker just by walking in. What feels welcoming in a cute/kitsch way at Diner Deluxe just feels like bargain basement at Open Range.

                1. re: alex8alot

                  I ate at Open Range a few months back. I found it to be OK, but a tad overpriced for what you get. The food was fine but not rave-worthy. There are plenty of superior places in a similar price range.