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Oct 22, 2006 05:50 AM

[Seattle] Persimmon -- a neighborhood gem

My wife and I ate tonight a Persimmon in Fremont. It was our second time there and we asked ourselves why we hadn't been back sooner. It's unpretentious but upscale at the same time. The menu is not large but has something for everyone, including the reasonably-priced wine list. The quality is excellent -- with great ingredients, excellent preparation, and top notch presentation (warm plates, change of silverware with each course, etc.). Our server was friendly, informative, and low-key.

We had the warm olives, pate and potato pancakes with lox as appetizers. The olives were simple but excellent. The pate was creamy, rich and satisfying. The potato pancakes were simple but flavorful and perfectly prepared, and the lox and sour cream/herb spread were oustanding. We shared the pumpkin soup -- deeply flavorful without too much cream, and the fish of the day special -- halibut perfectly prepared with excellent mushrooms.

The wine list is a small but thoughtfully-selected group of reasonably-priced bottles from Europe and the northwest, with almost all of the wines available by the glass.

This place is outstanding and an excellent value. It has that rare combination of being comfortable, great quality and delivers a lot bang for the buck. It doesn't have the buzz or celebrity chef like some places in town, but it should be a huge hit among word-of-mouth locals with a taste for quality but an eye for value. Seattle is lucky to have it.

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  1. Persimmon is one of those places I wish I had in my neighborhood

    We had brunch there last Sunday after deciding not to wait in a long line for Swedish pancakes. Instead, I had some just fabulous crepes with mixed berries. Definitely a cozy, inviting place with good service, to boot. Our server noticed that my side of 2 strips of bacon was really a side of 1 1/2 stips and brought me out an extra, even though I probably wouldn't have thought to complain.

    One of these days, we'll get there for dinner.

    1. I went to brunch there regularly for a while, but I got tired of the long waits for food and for coffee refills. There's only a couple folks in the kitchen and I found if we didn't get there right when they opened, it would be a long time before we got our food (and I was just ordering eggs, nothing complicated). There was usually only one waitress so water and coffee went unfilled. But I did love the food and if this situation has changed, or if they are more organized at dinner, I'd love to know.

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        That's what keeps me from going back there. The long waits finally wore me out.

      2. We went there for dinner 2 Sundays ago. It was fairly quiet so there were no service issues. The food was nice, but not terribly memorable. I felt I could have easily made everything at home. As it was a Sunday, and they're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, they did seem to be out of multiple items on the menu. I'm not entirely convinced that the remaining stuff was so fresh but who knows.

        At our table of three, we split the potato pancakes. Tasty, but nothing special. 2 of us had the trout special which was served with basic steamed rice and a side of kale/chard. Our other diner had a NY strip steak, which was quite good. Also served with the same greens and potato (can't remember the preparation on these). We all split a molten chocolate cake for dessert which was average.

        I really wanted to like this place. The food was certainly decent, but I was not particularly impressed. The bill was $100 which included 2 glasses of wine (and aforementioned food).

        1. We dropped by for brunch this morning (when they opened), and I have to say I was delighted with the corned beef hash topped with poached eggs. Really, that stuff is worth a wait in my book, especially on these chilly mornings. I'll be back.