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Oct 22, 2006 04:49 AM

Viuda de Romero Tequila Reposado

OK, the next time you are at the duty-free shop in the Mexico City airport (would that I could be there several times a year), ask to taste Viuda de Romero and see what you think. A woman working there suggested I try it, saying it is very popular in Mexico and a bargain, I don't know the availability in the US. A steal in the airport (the easiest way to get liquor home on the plane) at $13/1L, I am drinking it next to Herradura Reposado purchased at a liquor store in Mexico before the travel-with-liquid restrictions. VdR is 35% alcohol vs Herradura's 40%, so initially it seems smoother. Aroma is a bit more "mezcal" vs the exquisite woody vanilla of Herradura, but on the palate there is a lingering smoky finish that is really nice. Glad to have it here.

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