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Oct 22, 2006 03:40 AM

Best Wings in Miami Beach area?

What is your recommendations for the best hot wings in the Miami Beach area? And do they deliver?

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  1. try the GRILLED wings(not fried)at quarterdeck restaurant at approx 13th and alton at the old irish house location.Ask for the wasabi blue cheese dip on the side as well as having the hot sauce put on the side to maintain the crispness of the wings.Dont know if they deliver yet,but give them a call as the kitchen prepares many orders for pickup.They also have several specials where during the week you get an order of wings free if you purchase a pitcher of beer etc.Ask about the deals when you call in your order.

    1. wing zone on Washington does a nice job and they deliver. I just read where they close Sundays? You would think they'd sell more on NFL Sundays! Multiple flavors and hot is actually hot.

      1. also try the special grilled wings at shuckers in North Bay Village...behind the Best Western. Flanigans in Surfside too. Has anyone tried the drummies at Joe's Takeway?