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Oct 22, 2006 03:28 AM

Rec for first date in San Jose

Where do fellow chowhounds suggest for a first date in San Jose near Santana Row? I'm thinking someplace quiet and romantic with, of course, great food. Any type of cuisine is OK. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. What's your price range per person? What night of the week?

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      Saturday night. Price range around $100 for two people.

    2. what happened to the $5 coffee dates?


      a little over $100 for two, tanglewood is GOOD.

      appitizers and beers at that french restaurant with a chef on a pig that we can't mention is always fun. we usually get the bowl of mussels, escartgo, the puff pastry with a mixture of duck/pork and two stella's to start off with ~$50

      i also like eating outside of pizza antica. ~$30-50

      i finally found something i liked at cocola's, the tuna nicoise salad, everything else there is over priced in my opinion, but it's a pretty setting. $30

      straits and blowfish although fun and trendy looking is insanely loud, same with la jardin. amber at the row is not good.

      consuelo's is good small plates, citrus is fun and vbar is right across the plaza...

      village cafe is ok, i don't like yankee pier

      i'm personally just waiting for pluto's to open.

      outside of santana row, and depends on how brave you are i'd take her to falfel drive-in on san carlos. there's also krung thai, and further up stevens creek by-the-bucket, i won't go back to blue mango for undisclosed reasons but everyone else seems to like it. mind kind of wondered, i hope this is more helpful then confusing.

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        Not the OP, but would you say the atmos. at Tanglewood is "romantic"? Not too loud or sceney? I know "romantic" is very subjective...

        I didn't care for Antica the one time we had lunch there, but it seems to get positive reviews here. Amber India may be another option, but I'm not sure about noise level. Website:

        What is Pluto's?

        1. re: Carb Lover

          tanglewood has a huge indoor fire's that? it's ok, not uber romantic, but nice clean and crisp. pizza antica's better for people watching as tanglewood you're focused on the food and company.

          amber's environment is really nice, however the food there is just not appealing to me, and that ruins everything for me personally.

          pluto's is a salad/'hof brau' type joint. cheap and fast. same as the one in palo alto, it's a chain i believe.

      2. It seems that whenever I eat at Thea at Santana Row, the table next to me is obviously on their first date. The food is great there, and the atmosphere is lively, if a little loud. I think it's a unique option for a first date. The lighting is perfect for a first date. It's owned by the same people as the mexican place at SR, which is also a good option.

        The food at Village Cafe has improved significantly in recent months. It's quieter than Thea, especially on the patio, which is heated. wine list by the glass is good.

        FOr first dates, I'd void Sino (too much garlic, which isn't romantic), Yankee Pier (lighting is too bright to be romantic), Pizza Antica (one of my favorites at SR, but not for a date). I haven't tried tanglewood yet, but I hear it's terrific.