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Pumpkin Pie Temperature

I just made my first pumpkin pie of the season, and was wondering how you chowhounds like it temperature-wise -- cold or room temperature? (I imagine there are a few of you that may even like them warm out of the oven.)

As for us, hubby likes it at room temp, and I like it cold.

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  1. Order of preference:

    1. room temp.
    2. slightly warm
    3. cold *shudder*

    Non-negotiable: soft whipped cream

    BTW, did you use canned pumpkin or fresh roasted? How did it taste?

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      Too funny -- I feel the same ("shudder") with room temp; it is just wrong!

      I actually quartered, seeded and then steamed it, which I worried was going to make it a little watery, but it didn't. I have baked them in the past as well, but it has been a while, so I can't say which is better.

      1. re: Carb Lover

        Same here, room temperature or still slightly warm from the oven (never refrigerated, not reheated).

        Of course, by pumpkin pie I mean butternut squash pie.

      2. cool with barvarian whipped cream

        1. room temp or warm with lots of whipped cream from the can. . . . . mmmm mmmmm

          1. All-temperature pumpkin pie consumer here! No cream necessary.

            1. Refrigeration doesn't do the crust justice. Texturally, I find warm pumpkin pie filling a little too 'loose'. Also warm pumpkin pie tends to melt the ice cream I have with it. I'm going to say room temp.

              1. Room temp for all pies, if not warmed. Refrigerating (most)baked goods is just wrong in my book. Refrigeration=Stale.

                1. Very slightly warm or room temperature, equally good.

                  Never cold. The texture of cold crust is like cardboard. Chilled filling is not as falvorful as it could be.

                  BTW, I never refrigerate a pumpkin pie, even overnight.

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                  1. re: browniebaker

                    it's an egg custard; shouldn't it be refrigerated? Granted, I don't like it refigerated--the custard weeps--but for safety if it's not all consumed fresh?

                    My vote is for slightly warmer than room temp.

                  2. I like it both room temperature and cold. When it's cold I like to slice it and eat it like a piece of pizza without a plate. Perfect breakfast food.

                    1. Room Temp, but certainly never cold.


                      1. Re: crust. Maybe it depends on the crust that's used. I always make my whole wheat crust & it's lovely & crisp even right out of the fridge. But agree pumpkin pie is ideal freshly-made and cooled down enough for it to still have a tiny bit of heat.

                        1. Room temp or just barely warm, but never cold. And like browniebaker, it's never refrigerated. Just cover the pie plate with foil and leave it out.

                          1. Always room temp or better..about an hour after it's out of the oven. Slightly warm with a good crunch in the crust & a dollop of cinnamon chantilly & some caramel sauce