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Oct 22, 2006 03:07 AM

Higher Grounds

We eat brunch along Queen W. every weekend. A couple weeks ago we noticed Higher Grounds Neighbourhood Grill, just down from Mitzi's.

Today was our third visit. This place is a real find!

The food is all home-made and the coffee is great. There is nothing fancy about the place, it is unassuming. It isn't gourmet either. It is your mom's kitchen.

The pancakes are big and fluffy. The eggs are perfect and buttery. The homefries are also really great. The breakfasts are standard and modest like any greasy spoon, but WITHOUT the grease!

For lunch today, it was difficult to decide between the home-made roast beef sandwich or the turkey sandwich. The waitress checked with the kitchen for me and came back recommending the turkey. Glad she did because the roast beef could not have been better than this fresh roast turkey sandwich. Nice sized morsels of turkey obviously pulled off the bird with lettuce, tomato and I added mustard. The bread was just OK, but not bad either. I ordered a side of salad which was also fresh and perfect. I could not finish the sandwich which leads me to the price...

This place is a STEAL!

I do not know how they do it. Everything is so well priced.

I highly recommend Higher Grounds for good honest eating!

1546 Queen St W – Higher Grounds Neighborhood Grill
[Queen St W & Sorauren St]
Hours: Mon-Fri 8–8; Weekends 9–5
416 516 6606

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  1. How much was your lunch?

    1. 7 or 8 bucks for a large sandwich with fries. Turkey was topped with lettuce, tomato, spicy havarti and red pepper mayo. I ordered salad instead for an extra 99 cents.

      The egg breakfasts too are very well priced. I don't recall how much.

      This is not gourmet, it's fresh home-cooking and it's all prepared on the healthier side. Diner food without the grease is the best way to describe it. Great home-fries nonetheless.

      Although they will make the burger medium for you, and it is made from scratch, it is only suited for those who like a griddle type burger...not my style at all!

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        hm that sounsd like a pretty good deal! Especially if its roast turkey mmm..