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Oct 22, 2006 03:00 AM

Great Breakfast at B&B

I am looking for a B&B in New England that really makes an outstanding breakfast. My preference is for non-fussy, modern decor and rooms that have real fireplaces, but my primary concern is the breakfast.

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  1. The Francis Malbone in Newport, RI does an amazing breakfast. Nothing was repeated the 4 days we spent there. I wrote a long review of it about a year ago here, but I couldn't easily search it out. Really over-the-top. Additionally, they do a tea everyday with sweet and savory dishes that rival breakfast and keep leftover cookies and such on a table near the door to munch on through the evening.

    The B&B is one of the best in Newport. All have fireplaces if I'm correct. We stayed in 2 of the rooms. The first was in the historic part of the building, the room was very large. The other nights we were in the addition, which was lovingly built to blend into the original. Room was smaller but just as lovely and also had a fireplace. Best of all - parking is on the premises - something apparently hard to come by in Newport.

    I highly recommend this B&B. Breakfast alone is worth the price of admission :-)