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Hello. I am new to PDX and am looking for a cafe or restaurant that serves up great hearty soups. I'm taking a friend who is visiting and loves to go out for good soup and if it comes with an excellent hunk of bread even better. OH...we are reliant on public transport so somewhere in the city boundaries.

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  1. I really like the soups at Miso Happy on NW23rd..Noodles and chilis and good..or Silk, formerly Pho Van Bistro on NW Glisan.

    I like the onion soup in Fenouil and chowders at Henrys also.

    On NE Alberta Street, we just discovered Halibuts and their clam chowder is wonderful.

    Oba on NW 12th has a really good Black bean soup too.
    Seems like most of the restaurants in town serve at least a couple of good soups .

    1. Welcome to town. Check out the tipsheet. It might help you get orientated:


      My go-to is Grand Central, a Seattle/Portland bakery chain that does a very nice job. They don't have a huge selection of soups and sandwiches, but what they do sounds exactly like what you're looking for. Most of the other bakeries will have this sort of thing, too (see the tipsheet for recs). But I think Grand Central's choices are a little broader. And there are several of them, which may make things easier for you.


      1. Checkout no fish go fish on Hawthorne and 44th. www.nofishgofish.com for menu.

        1. I love Elephant's deli for soup. Their big store is in NW around 21st and it has a huge deli counter, cheeses, and much more. Only been there once since they moved, but it's impressive. There's a smaller location on SW 8th and Yamhill(ish) downtown, a block off Pioneer Square. They have four soups that change monthly. I'm highly addicted to the tomato-orange soup and baguette. I go there for lunch at least once a week.
          Also, the No Fish Go Fish mentioned above also has a cart downtown on 5th and Yamhill with three or four soups everyday and a rotating selection of their yummy corneal fishies.

          1. Yeah, Elephants is very good. Depending on the day, you can also find good soups at New Seasons supermarket

            1. Although known mainly for seafood the soups at Season and Regions / Hillsdale are of soup nazi caliber. Years ago one of their soup recipes was in the oregonian. It had a "don't try this at home" level of complexity.

              1. I've recently been on a soup kick, too. I've satisfied my cravings with lentil soup from Ya Hala out on stark near 80th. It comes with warm, fresh-baked pita. The chard soup there is pretty good, too. I think they each cost all of $3.50

                I also just discovered Good Taste Noodle House on 82nd. It's in a strip mall a few blocks North of Division. Went there a few nights ago and ordered the won ton soup with roast pork. oh my god. It's a perfect winter-time meal. The menu offers at least a dozen varieties of wonton soup ranging in price from ~$5.00-$8.50. YUM.

                1. Pok Pok at SE 30th-ish and Division has a nice thai-style coconut milk-based soup with two kinds of noodles--crispy and soft. the #4 bus stops pretty much right in front of it.

                  1. I recommend Old Wives' Tales (1300 East Burnside). Their Hungarian Mushroom soup is well worth the acclaim. And they have three other soups available, daily, which change regularly. I like the Florentine white bean soup and the curried squash soup. (FYI: you can get there from downtown via the #20 bus that runs up and down Burnside; head towards Gateway Trans. Center.)

                    The pumpkin soup at Be Won (NW 23rd between Northrup and Overton) is amazing but, admittedly, the portion is tiny. (FYI: Take the trolley from downtown.)