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Oct 22, 2006 01:45 AM

Edmonton - Special Occasion Restaurant?


My HB will be celebrating his 40th birthday soon and I am looking for recommendations on a great place to go. We moved here in July but haven't actually eaten out a lot! He has expressed a desire to try some "real Alberta beef," meaning organic and straight from the farm, no chain steakhouses, and preferably a place where you can request the cut and amount to order. He liked Jon Allen's steakhouse in Halifax, if that is a guide for anyone who may be familiar with it. Apart from steak, he likes traditional French cooking and anything that makes a point of using fresh, local ingedients (though any place that uses the word "fusion" is out).

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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    1. My friends just went to Hardware Grill for a birthday and were impressed by both the food and service. The restaurant prides itself on local sources for ingredients so you'll be sure to get Alberta beef there. My friend really enjoyed the steak entree. It's a pricey but worth it.

      The restaurant's Web site says:
      A modern restaurant where the traditions of French cooking meet the flavors of the Canadian Market with a menu reflecting the changing seasons and focus on the simplicity of fine ingredients.

      1. Ugh. I just lost my post by clicking on another link by accident. Needless to say, it was a lot more coherent and interesting than this one, but here's the hilights.

        For French, a few things pop to mind:

        1. Gini's - West end, strip mall, but great food. Havent been in a few years, but it's very french.
        2. La Boheme - havent been for many many years, not even sure if it's still open, but it was quite good last time i was there.
        3. The Blue Pear (formerly L'Anjou) - not even sure it counts as french anymore, but they use fresh local ingredients. Prix Fixe, 5 course meal for 75 with optional wine pairing (generous pours on the pairings - very flexible too). I ate my Thanksgiving meal here, and it rocked.

        For steak:

        1. A post about a year ago was discussing the best place for steak, and i think the concensus is your own backyard.
        2. If DIY is not your preference, i like the Mayfield Grill. Great, well-aged steaks cooked to perfection. Not the sexiest atmosphere, nor the cheapest, the high cost comes from the excellent quality of meat. Great beef here that most people have never tried.

        For cut selection, most "high end" steak houses allow it. Hy's, does for example (though they do count as a chain).

        I also second Hardware Grill. Food there is awesome.

        Sorry for the abbreviations.. but i hate retyping essays.